As someone who takes a different commuter train system to work every day there are so many weird things that run through ones mind when reading this story from San Fransisco Weekly

Back in January, we warned you that BART would start coming down hard on those miscreants who think it’s okay to pee, poop, and stab people on their way home. Four months should have given you plenty of time to potty train yourself.

Let’s just hope, because today, no more. BART is cutting the cord and officially banning those of you who can’t seem to hold it … together. The transit agency’s new anti-gross law goes into effect today: Assembly Bill 716, which passed last year, allows BART to issue a “prohibition order,” meaning it can (and will) ban anyone who commits a criminal offense on BART property.

A normal person assume that was already against the law.  It raises the question of is defecation and/or urination on the BART trains such a big problem that a law needs to be passed? Granted we are talking about the less than normal San Fransisco area but come on…what is wrong with those people?  Maybe the aroma of the poop on the train caused brain damage and that’s why they keep re-electing Nancy Pelosi.

There is some good news for the public poopers in San Francisco if you do your “business” on the escalator instead of the train itself you can get caught three times before you are banned from the trains.

From what I understand flatulence on the train is still allowed.