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Wow, I am honored. Thank You JTA Hope my Mom Has some room on her fridge. 

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50 Most Influential Jewish Individuals

  1. Ahoova Berger (ahoova) · Israel
    A savvy 2.0’nik very in touch with her Jewish “link”-age.
  2. David Abitbol (jewlicious) · Israel
    Of Jewlicious fame, seems as if no microblogger has gone without @-ing his name.
  3. Buber Zionist (buberzionist) · Alexandria, VA
    For someone whose name isn’t readily available on his Twitter profile, his alias sure does pop up often.
  4. Yitz Jordan, a.k.a. Y-Love (ylove) · New York, NY
    Tally another accolade for this techie by day, rapper by night; he was named to The Jewish Week’s 36 under 36 this week.
  5. Chaviva E. (kvetchingeditor) · Storrs, CT
    The woman behind the curtain at; We hope to see more link-dumping from her Twitter account in the future.
  6. William Daroff (Tied for 5th) (daroff) · Washington, D.C.
    The UJC’s Vice President of Public Policy serves up some of the richest Jewish content in the Twittersphere.
  7. Hadassah Levy (hadassah_levy) · Israel
  8. Orly Halpern (jerusalembureau) · Israel
  9. Aliza Hausman (alizahausman) · New York, NY
  10. Esther Kustanowitz (EstherK) · Los Angeles, CA
  11. Uzi Smilovich (nanachtoronto) · Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  12. JemPolitico (JemPolitico) · Columbus, OH
  13. Dani Klein (yeahthatskosher) · New York, NY
  14. Eric Seader (hebrewzzi) · New York, NY
  15. Sammy Benoit (yidwithlid) · New York, NY
  16. dejerusalem (dejerusalem) · Israel
  17. Susanne Goldstone (susqhb) · New York, NY
  18. Sara Schwimmer Marcus (popjudaica) · New York, NY
  19. Tova Scherr (tova_s) · Israel
  20. Daniel Sieradski (mobius1ski) · New York, NY
  21. Miriam Schwab (miriamschwab) · Israel
  22. Erez Safar (diwon) · New York, NY
  23. Rafi Schutzer (KosherWineGuy) · San Diego, CA
  24. Jennie Rivlin (ModernTribe_Jew) · Atlanta, GA
  25. Ainav Derkson (ainav) · Israel
  26. Dave Weinberg (weinberg81) · Washington, D.C.
  27. Rabbi Rami Shapiro (rabbirami) · Murfreesboro, TN
  28. Maya Norton (mayanorton) · Israel
  29. Shai Tsur (shaister) · Israel
  30. Heshy Fried (frumsatire) · Dallas, TX
  31. Louis Green (louismgreen) · Oklahoma City, OK
  32. Fly Fishing Rabbi (RabbiEE) · Ridgefield, CT
  33. Ariel Beery (arielbeery) · Israel
  34. Rebecca Markowitz (thebigfelafel) · Israel
  35. Liz Davis (jewssip) · New York, NY
  36. Jack Zaientz (teruah) · Ann Arbor, MI
  37. Shoshana Yossef (jewnet) · Israel
  38. Aaron Bisman (bizmonides) · New York, NY
  39. Joann Betschart (Joann_Betschart) · Modesto, CA
  40. “Aussie Dave” (israellycool) · Israel
  41. Rabbi Hayim Herring (toolsforshuls) · Minneapolis, MN
  42. Paige Dansinger (JewishArtMuseum) · Minneapolis, MN
  43. Monica Goldenberg (MGoldenberg) · Washington, D.C.
  44. Miriam Woelke (miriam_woelke) · Israel
  45. Ezra Shanken (eshanken) · Denver, CO
  46. “Eric” (israelsituation) · Denver, CO
  47. Aharon Horwitz (aharonhorwitz) · Israel
  48. Joshua Rubin (JoshuaRubin) · Denver, CO
  49. Julie Leye Blum (sugarblum) · New York, NY
  50. Ruth Warshenbrot (RuthieWa) · New York, NY

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