Sally Qunn is going from network to network saying she was wrong. She now says Sarah Palin is not a total moron who was chosen because of her gender. But there is a bit of passive/ aggressiveness in her “Mia Culpa” tour. She still has doubts, she says, about whether she could juggle the role of mom and vice president. Here we go again with the Moms can’t be VP attacks.

Would Palin put country before family? I HOPE NOT! If, God-forbid, Barack Obama had to make a choice between the USA and those two adorable girls he paraded on stage in Denver, I pray he puts those girls first, just as I would pray that McCain and Palin put their children first. Ms Quinn that is called being HUMAN, something you and your Washington Establishment Snobs no very little about.

I am not talking about putting family first the way Charles Rangel did by cheating on his tax returns, but like Joe Biden Did at the beginning of his Senate career. Joe had to play Mr. Mom after his wife’s tragic death, so every night he took the Amtrak home from DC to Delaware, and each morning back to Washington. Biden put family first and good for him.

This passive/agressive approach is just the next tact of the media aristocracy in their battle to put down the “revolt of the commoners,” also known as the nomination of Sarah Palin. More details below:

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Sally Quinn Does Complete U-turn on Sarah Palin By P.J. Gladnick (Bio | Archive)
September 6, 2008 – 04:19 ET

What a difference a few hours make. It is almost like Sally Quinn, the Washington Post faith columnist, was blinded by the light of truth on the road to Damascus. On CNN’s “American Morning” on Friday, Quinn repeated her doubts as to whether Sarah Palin could “put country first” due to her family responsibilities as a mother:

Everyone woman I know practically is a working mother. We have conflicts and guilts that men simply don’t have. And, basically the burden of raising children falls on the mother, no matter what kind of a job she has. So, I think that to, you know, we’re so far beyond the feminist argument here. This is not about feminism, it’s not about sexism, it’s simply about can you do the job? One of the things I noticed over this last convention is John McCain, they must have said it 1,000 times, I put my country first. He put his country first. And I think if you’re talking about the commander in chief and that is what she is likely to be given his age and his health. Will she put her country first, or will she put her family first?

Well, something must have happened in the few hours between Quinn’s CNN appearance and her apology for her own statements like this on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor later that day:

SALLY QUINN: You pointed out the other night that you thought I was being unfair and that I had judged her before I heard her speak and that I knew anything about her and I think you were right. I thought that she was amazing in her speech. She was funny and smart and poised and confident and she gave a great speech, beautifully delivered, and I think she is going to be a formidable opponent. So all of that, I think I was wrong about her. And I didn’t know anything about her.

BILL O’REILLY: So not only did Miss Palin do a good job as you just said but your column and other columns like yours rallied the folks to her side and actually helped the McCain-Palin ticket dramatically.

QUINN: Oh, I think you’re absolutely right. I think that there’s been a huge backlash against the media…

Kudos to Sally Quinn for recognizing that she was wrong about Sarah Palin. So will other media types currently sneering at Palin, such as Campbell Brown, also experience a similar revelation? I’m not holding my breath but after Sally Quinn’s dramatic turnaround I guess anything is possible.