It appears that when President Bush says” Stay the Course” it doesn’t apply to Israel’s battles against terrorism. He has pushed Israel into accepting a deal that gives the terrorists EVERY ONE of their demands.

Olmert is no innocent either, He tied the hands of the Israeli ground troops for over a month. The way to win a war is OVERWHELMING POWER. Isreal has it. Olmert wouldn’t let them use it. I am reminded of the scene from Rambo 2 when he is about to go into Viet Nam to rescue MIAs. He asks “Sir will you allow us to Win this time ?” In Israel’s the answer is no !

What does this mean for us. Well I predict that Olmert will be thrown out of office. This means the end of disengagement. I also predict that the terrorists that would be strengthened by this latest appeasment. It will lead to more attacks against Israel, Europe and the United States.

More after Shabbos. Please Pray for the Safety of Israel.