Liberals and other Hillary supporters are going nuts, even though Donald Trump won the election fair and square they cannot live with the fact that Trump will be the next president of the United States and are doing anything they can do delegitimize the Trump presidency before he even takes office. First it was the protests, then it was “but she won the popular vote,” now it’s simply that the Russians hacked into Democratic Party computers and used the information to give the election to Mr. Trump. There is a different hacking theory that neither the Dems or the mainstream media has spoken about, that makes a lot more sense than the Russians going into the Democratic party computers to expose Hillary and make Trump the next president.

The Hillary supporters are forgetting that the leaks being attributed to the Russians had very little to do with Ms. Clinton’s loss. If one looks at things objectively, the hack released during the DNC hurt Debbie Wasserman Shultz more than anyone. After the convention Clinton had large lead in the polls.

Even before the convention, Ms. Clinton’s favorables were way down because of her email scandal, Benghazi, and the pay for play accusations reported by Peter Schweitzer in Clinton Cash.

As for the Podesta emails, The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has said all along that the Russians were not the source, and that it was not a “hack” it was a leak from a party insider. And remember both the FBI and the National Intelligence Agency disagree with the CIA/Washington Post story about the Russians favoring Trump.

A big part of the CIA theory is that the Russians hacked into both major political parties’ computers but only published the DNC emails. However as Reince Priebus, RNC Chair turned Trump Chief of Staff corrected Chuck Todd on Sunday

…The RNC was absolutely not hacked, number one. We had the FBI in the RNC. We’ve been working with the FBI….It’s really simple because when the DNC was hacked we called the FBI and they came in to help us and they came in to review what we were doing and went thru our systems and went thru every single thing we did. We went thru this for a month. And we were not hacked. So wait a second, if we were not hacked and that is absolutely not true then where does that story lie?

The real problem is that not one of those liberal “the Russians tried to elect Trump via hacking” account for any of Hillary Clinton’s self-inflicted wounds. There is a hacking theory that accounts for Hillary’s actions, but the Democrats and the mainstream media refuse to even discuss that theory.

Please consider this with an open mind. What if the Russians didn’t hack into the DNC computers, what if instead they hacked into Hillary Clinton’s brain? What if they began to control her brain in 2009 when she became Secretary of State?

Before you say this theory is nuts, ponder this for a moment. This theory has as much proof as the Russians hacking the computer hypothesis, and the circumstantial evidence points to the controlling the brain theory.

Did the computer hacking turn Hillary Clinton into an uninspired campaigner?  Did it make Hillary break the rules and use a private email server?  Was it the Russians hacking into her computer that made Ms. Clinton forget that the “C” on the emails stood for classified?  Did the computer hack make Hillary tell the fake news story that the Benghazi attack was incited by a YouTube trailer for a lousy anti-Muslim movie? And then make her follow-up with a lie, saying she didn’t tell the parents of the Benghazi dead that the attack was caused by the trailer? Was it the Russian hacking that caused Ms. Clinton to lie over and over about her emails, including that there was never classified information on the insecure server? Did the Russian hacking make Hillary Clinton allow the sale of control of 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to Russia in the Uranium One deal which enriched some Clinton Foundation Donors.  Did the Russian hacking make the Democrat take Wisconsin and Michigan for granted and pay enough attention to those traditionally blue leaning states?

The answer to those and other questions about Ms. Clinton’s behavior is of course not! But those actions were a bigger blow to Clinton’s campaign than any of the hacking by the Russians. Therefore if the Democrats want to blame the Russians for the fact that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States, the only theory that works is that somehow the Russians hacked Hillary Clinton’s brain.

There is of course one more theory that works, but like the “brain theory” the Democrats and the MSM will never believe it true. That other theory says that Donald Trump won the election because Hillary Clinton is lousy at campaigning, but great at lying and crony capitalism. Additionally, like most liberals Clinton is too arrogant to understand the issues of concern to the middle class, especially in the rust belt.

The problem with this last theory is, despite the fact that it’s probably the closest to the truth, the  Democrats would rather blame the Russians for their loss than admit their real failure was nominating a candidate who had problems with the truth, believes that she knows better than the American people, and who used  her government office to enrich herself and her family.