Has this all been a charade?  Has Russia (and its predecessors in the Soviet Union) pulled the wool over the world’s eyes for decades?  Does the Tsar really have no clothes on?

For many of us, our entire lives have been spent worried about when or if the “great Eurasian superpower” would make some grand move toward global domination.  We were told that, with the press of a button, Russia would erase the rest of the world and start anew, with themselves at the top of the global heap, thanks in no small part to their massive and ruthless army and their arsenal of apocalyptic weapons.

As it turns out, they can’t keep their soldiers from dropping their rifles and running away from the Ukrainian army, nor can they figure out how to use any of their alleged “doomsday” weapons.

According to US observers, the Russian navy has made a possible failed attempt to test one of its new nuclear-powered “apocalypse” Poseidon torpedoes designed to trigger radioactive tsunamis from hundreds of miles away.

A senior US official told CNN that the apparently botched exercise took place in the Arctic Sea recently and involved Russia’s behemoth Belgorod nuclear submarine.

Over the past week, Belgorod and other Russian ships were spotted leaving the testing area without carrying out a test, suggesting that the Kremlin’s navy had run into some technical issues that caused it to pull the plug on the torpedo launch.

Maybe we should have known all along that these fanciful claims were rubbish.

Measuring more than 600 feet long, the Belgorod is the largest submarine in the world. It is capable of carrying “doomsday” Poseidon nuclear torpedo drones, which, according to Russia, could trigger 1,600-foot nuclear tsunamis in faraway coastal cities, rendering them uninhabitable.

These repeated failures have diminished Russian President Vladimir Putin’s standing on the world stage that he is skipping the G20 summit on fears that he may be assassinated at the event.

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