This is the saga about drag queen RuPaul, a serial book banner who claims he is against book banning.

Drag queen RuPaul has been parading around in a different way for the last few months as he sashays around the country claiming to be an opponent of “book bans.” The entertainer even started a new book store that stands against book bans as part of his campaign. But only three days after opening the thing, he immediately began banning books by conservatives.

RuPaul Andre Charles, the drag queen famous for the reality TV drag queen game show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, recently jumped into the fray of the left’s sudden distaste for “book bans” that they claim are being implemented by conservative states which have been eliminating inappropriate and overtly sexual LGBTQ books from the libraries of pre-teen children.

First of all, liberals have never, ever been above book bans. The left in this country have worked assiduously to suppress books by conservatives for at least 50 years. But when conservative-minded parents began getting sick and tired of the left-wing, gay porn being thrust on small children by books shoved into their school libraries by activist teachers and advocacy organizations, suddenly liberals became supporters of “free speech” and against book bans.

To be direct, there are no book bans going on in these conservative states. Unlike liberals who have tried to stop you from even being able to obtain conservative books, these schools are simply not stocking these groomer books written by radical gays who are trying to sexualize small children. Unlike liberals, the conservatives are only preventing small children from seeing inappropriately sexual material in schools. Not a single one of these states are engaging in ACTUAL book banning because every single groomer book that RuPaul wants to force on kids are still being sold in any book store and on online service.

Anyway, back to RuPaul’s absurd hypocrisy with his anti-book ban store.

To support his claim that conservatives are evil book banners, RuPaul opened a new book store that he said would be open to “all ideas.” His online bookstore, dubbed Allstora, would “carry all books” and would “support all voices everywhere.”

“We’re a marketplace for all books and all stories, with a focus on elevating marginalized voices,” Allstora stated in the first iteration of its website.

So, Allstora set out to sell any book a customer might want.

Three days after launch, though, its liberal activist pals objected to the online store selling books by conservatives.

Can you guess what the “anti book ban” and “all-ideas” Allstora did next?

Yep, it banned conservative books.

Of course, Allstora can refuse to sell any book it wants to sell, granted. But to toot its own horn about being an “anti-ban” venture and then turn around and ban the books they don’t like after saying they’ll sell all books is typical, hypocritical leftism at its worst.

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