Get Lost you say Chaim? What do you really mean? Why don’t You tell us to go around the block and See if Its Raining? or Just simply Go to he–“Er..Whats that…you are telling us to go get lost in all the great reading that is Haveil Havalim #108 ? OOOOOHHHH Sorry !Then I guess I will go to Life Of Rubin for a good Haveil Havalim #108 read.Why don’t y’all joint me there?

And when you are done reading, take a look at the JBlog world’s latest and greatest Pictures…as my friend Bagel Blogger (since I think he can do any thing I prefer to call him the Everything-Bagel Blogger) Hosts JPix No 2,The 2nd Jewish Photo Carnival
The sequel to the soon to be long running..Jewish Photo Carnival

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