Sometimes I feel bad for Rob Reiner. Not totally bad, nearly bad.  When he talks about President Trump, he forgets a line from This is Spinal Tap, a movie he directed, “It’s such a fine line between stupid and uh…clever.”  When he is on twitter he usually picks the stupid side generating a response that has to hurt. I wonder if he slams Trump on Twitter because he’s a  masochist. He enjoys getting beaten up.

The president’s recent comments about Jews voting Democratic set Rob off again.

This raises a question that Reiner raised in A Few Good Men,  ” Should we or should we not follow the advice of the galactically stupid!”

The response to Reiner’s tweet was quick and brutal.

See what I mean? Even Mr. Rodgers is flipping him the bird. That may make so happy.   


Dan don’t do that! If you make him think, Rob’s head will blow up. Because he can’t handle the Truth. You need to be mean if you want him to be happy.

Redcloak I don’t think he does. But if the president did play that loud music, I wouldn’t blame Reiner for being crazy.

Although the issue may be that Reiner doesn’t take his anxiety meds.

Now, THIS is a great idea!

Phil seems a bit sick an tired of Reiner’s masochism.

This should make Reiner feel a bit better, Christy cares:

Maybe Rob Reiner says these stupid things because he enjoys getting smacked around on twitter?

That’s it! In fact, I have it on good word that this scene from a movie he directed is based on Rob Reiner’s reaction to getting eviscerated on twitter.