When President Bush Spoke to the Israeli Knesset last month, he told this story:

“Sixty years ago, on the eve of Israel’s independence, the last British soldiers departing Jerusalem stopped at a building in the Jewish quarter of the Old City. An officer knocked on the door and met a senior rabbi. The officer presented him with a short iron bar — the key to the Zion Gate — and said it was the first time in 18 centuries that a key to the gates of Jerusalem had belonged to a Jew. His hands trembling, the rabbi offered a prayer of thanksgiving to God, ‘Who had granted us life and permitted us to reach this day.’ Then he turned to the officer, and uttered the words Jews had awaited for so long: ‘I accept this key in the name of my people.'” H/T NY Sun

Yesterday US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made her feelings known, Rice, visiting Israel on Sunday and Monday for yet another attempt for Israel to make one-sided concessions said that Israel’s announced plans to build in Jerusalem are “having a negative effect.””continued building and the settlement activity has the potential to harm the negotiations going forward,” called it a “violation of the Roadmap,” and said sternly that she plans to bring up the matter with Israeli officials. In Other words she is telling Israel, she wants the Key to Jerusalem’s gates back.

To Olmert’s credit (and he rarely deserves any) when he met with Rice today, told her that the construction would continue “in the Jewish neighborhoods that are expected to remain Israeli under any agreement.” He was referring most specifically to the latest-announced plan: the construction of 1,300 apartments in the hareidi-religious neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo. Ramat Shlomo is situated east of Ramot and west of French Hill, upon hills that were totally barren during the 19 years they were under Jordanian control. Nearly a year ago, the Antiquities Authority announced that it had found in Ramat Shlomo the quarry that supplied the giant stones for the building of the Temple Mount.The Jerusalem Municipality also announced, late last week, its approval of a 12-year-plan to build close to 40,000 new apartments in various city neighborhoods. Some of the apartments will be built in Gilo, Pisgat Ze’ev, Ramot and Har Homa – all located in areas formerly under Jordanian control. But ALL OF THEM ARE NEW APARTMENTS IN EXISTING JEWISH SETTLEMENTS
Industry and Trade Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) made headlines when he came out strongly against Rice: “I would like to know how it would look if someone would say that the U.S. has no right to develop Washington… Rice doesn’t consult with anyone before approving a new city in the U.S.”

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Or in the words of Bar Ilan University political scientist Dr. Mordechai Kedar who wiped the floor with Muslim TV Host Jimal Rian during an appearance on Rian’s Al-Jazeera TV show earlier last week (to see video click here)

“Jews were in Jerusalem while your [Muslim] ancestors were drinking wine and bowing to idols.” In a heated debate with the narrator, he added, “We don’t need your permission to build” in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem

“Aye, thar’s the rub,” Jerusalem is not like Gaza, where one can make claims for or against, whether it was part of the historical Holy Land. Jerusalem is like Paris, London or Rome, a city with over a thousand years of History as the heart and soul of a nation. Israel can not stop making room for Jews in Jerusalem the same way the French can’t stop building in Paris, the British in London, or the Italians in Rome.

Ms Rice needs to understand what her boss understands, Israel is the Homeland for the Jews, and Jerusalem is the heart and soul of Israel and the Jewish People. If she wants to call out impediments to peace, I suggest she look toward Sderot, which tomorrow “celebrates” seven years of Hamas attacks, or Saudi Arabia one of the main sources of terrorist funding in the world, or Egypt who refuses to do an adequate job of policing its side of the Gaza Boarder. The ONLY peace impediment that has anything to do with Jerusalem is the surrounding HER appeasement of Palestinian terror, by refusing to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the indivisible capitol of Israel and the Jewish People.