Condoleeza Rice will never be a US History professor. As she met with the Palestinians after Annapolis she told them that she felt Fatah’s plight was similar to that of the Blacks fighting for civil rights in the 60’s and compared Palestinian President Abbas to Dr. King– insulting Dr King and Jewish America in one fell swoop. Excuse me Condi, But Dr. King was famous for NON VIOLENT struggle in for civil rights, Abbas is famous for leading a TERRORIST organization. Dr. King fought for equal rights for all people…Abbas fights for no national rights for Jewish people. I know that there has been much watering town of the word terrorists (now called militants) but saying that Abbas is like Dr. King is like defecating on the memory of the great civil rights leader. And before you compare the Palestinians to the Civil rights movement, take a look at some old newsreels—I didn’t see anyone in Selma shooting missiles into Montgomery. And one other thing, when Dr. King was marching in the streets, do you know who those white folks were with him? JEWS! A large number of Jewish philanthropists actively supported the NAACP and various civil rights group, and schools for African-Americans. The Jewish philanthropist Julius Rosenwald funded the creation of dozens of primary schools, secondary schools and colleges for disenfranchised black youth. He personally gave, and led the Jewish community in giving to, some 2,000 schools for black Americans. This list includes Howard, Dillard and Fisk universities. At one time some forty percent of southern blacks were learning at these schools. Jewish Americans were many times more likely to be actively involved in the civil rights movement than any other group in America, except the black community itself. Jews made up nearly half of the volunteers involved in the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer. While only making up 2% of the population, some 50% of the civil rights lawyers who worked in the south, sometimes risking their lives, were Jewish….Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marched arm-in-arm with Dr. King in his 1965 March on Selma…..The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were drafted in the conference room of Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, under the aegis of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, which for decades was located in the Center. When our clueless Secretary of State compares Abbas to Dr. King and the Palestinians to the African-Americans who suffered through racism in the south….she insults Reverend King, those who suffered from the racism and those who marched with them —THE JEWS.