Yikes! As bad as the reaction to the Compromise bill from some conservative members of the GOP, the reaction of the Progressives is much, much worse.  The liberal progressives are having a major hissy fit. One senior member of the Democratic Caucus has called for mass rallies in front of the White House to educate President Obama.

Nancy Pelosi has refused to whip the Democratic party vote in Congress

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) told members of her caucus to vote their conscience on the debt and deficit cutting bill endorsed by President Barack Obama, effectively signaling she won’t press them to vote yes, lawmakers said after a Democratic caucus meeting.

Rep. G.K. Butterfield, (D., N.C.) said Ms. Pelosi reminded her caucus of the consequences of a federal default, which could follow if Congress doesn’t act to lift the debt ceiling by tomorrow. Mr. Butterfield said he himself is leaning toward a no vote.

Last night, the Congressional Progressive and  Black Caucuses voiced their anger.

Progressive Caucus leader Raúl Grijalva of Arizona said,

“This deal does not even attempt to strike a balance between more cuts for the working people of America and a fairer contribution from millionaires and corporations. I will not be a part of it.

Congressional Black Caucus  Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is particularly angry, he called this debt deal “a sugar-coated Satan sandwich,” (if it is a Satan sandwich does it have bacon?).

The good news about Maureen Dowd is that she has recovered from the dementia she exhibited during CPAC when she stood at the door of the bloggers lounge asking if we knew who she was.

In her column yesterday the NY Times columnist went so crazy, she called for one senator to use witchcraft to solve the problem,

“You know,” I told the suffering senator, “there is an easy solution.”

He looked up hopefully. “Witchcraft,” I beamed. “Too bad we don’t have a senator who knows some spells.

Then she went on to rail against the ones who made any budget cutting deal possible the tea party, but in the end she railed against Obama.

Democratic lawmakers worry that the Tea Party freshmen have already “neutered” the president, as one told me. They fret that Obama is an inept negotiator. They worry that he should have been out in the country selling a concrete plan, rather than once more kowtowing to Republicans and, as with the stimulus plan, health care and Libya, leading from behind.

As one Democratic senator complained: “The president veers between talking like a peevish professor and a scolding parent.” (Not to mention a jilted lover.) Another moaned: “We are watching him turn into Jimmy Carter right before our eyes.”

Yikes Jimmy Carter, you can’t get much worse than that.  But perhaps the worst reaction was that of Democratic Rep John Conyers (who must have finally read a bill). He didn’t blame the deal on tea party pressure, he said that the House GOP Caucus was simply doing what they were elected to do. No, Conyers placed the blame squarely on Barack Obama.  He called for a massive rally at the White House to “educate” President Obama.

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Perhaps the only one who did not rail against the POTUS was the SCHMOTUS Joe Biden. today he told the Democratic Caucus that the tea party was a bunch of terrorists. In Biden’s defense he couldn’t have meant Al Qaeda or Hamas type terrorists. After all if he thought the tea party was in that category, the White House would have made many more concessions.Dan Riehl has more here