In the middle of the health-care debate, Texas Republican Congressman Kevin Brady working with the minority staff of the House Way’s and Means committee issued a chart that laid out the new bureaucracy involved in the Obamacare version. Though complicated, that was the simple version. Congressman Brady and his team just issued a new version of the chart which illustrates the actual bill. and to be honest it boggles the mind. This time the provisions of the 2,800 page bill  would fit on three pages so the group had to combine some areas (look for the tri-colored dots on the chart below).

The Take away of the chart should not only be the government takeover of 16.7% of the American Economy, but also the massive growth in the size of government, both will lead to a loss of personal liberty.

The Secretary of HHS picks up over six hundred new areas of responsibility in the new bill, which is why HHS is big and int the middle of the new chart .

A PDF of the Chart is embedded below, you can click on it to download and enlarge. On top of the chart is posted a blow-up view of the key to the chart.

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Obama Care Chart