The most unusual part of Congressman Weiner’s mea culpa press conference today occurred before Weiner came to the stage.

In New York pimping his new book, Andrew Breitbart showed up at the presser and was immediately mobbed by reporters asking about today’s exclusive pictures of Weiner on Big Journalism and Big Government which seems to have pushed Weiner into admitting the truth.

Watching Breitbart take Anthony Weiner’s Stage and speak into the microphone Weiner rented not only showed how far Breitbart has come, but how far citizen journalism had come.

After ten days of being vilified by left wing media reporters, those same reporters were tripping all over their underwear trying to ask him questions about the story they had doubted until today.  Not only that, but at the behest of the same reporters who trashed him personally and his stories, Breitbart stood where Weiner was about to stand and demanded an apology from the slanderers in the press,  and from Congressman Weiner himself.

Andrew shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for their apology (and he knows that). You see,   the progressive agenda-driven mainstream media looks at Andrew Breitbart and sees the devil himself.

Breitbart and his team of editors and contributors (of which I am one) are everything that the press hates.   We find the facts that either they don’t find or they choose to ignore, and we reveal them to the public. As the guy whose name is on all the sites, along with being the content director and a reporter, Breitbart’s job is to publicly take the body slams directed at all the writers including himself.

Let’s face it, Breitbart’s “Big” sites not only shoot down the progressive media’s political idols, but they make the press seem incompetent for not reporting those stories themselves.

Just look at the some of the major stories broken on a Breitbart site, the ACORN Scandal “pimp and hooker” videos, the misunderstood Shirley Sherrod video, the Pigford Scandal and my personal favorite the Helen Thomas “Tell the Jews to go back to Germany” video.  With the exception of the Sherrod video all of those stories should have been discovered by the mainstream media first.  ACORN already had a long history of criminal charges, the “pigford-related” government settlement was big news, but the story behind it was ignored by the media, and after I posted the Helen Thomas story on Big Journalism and Breitbart TV, friends in the media told me they weren’t surprised,  Ms Thomas had said similar things to them but it was a private conversation and she was one of their own. 

Most in the press will never understand why we continue to find stories like the Weiner story or all of those others reported first on a Breitbart sites.  Just chalk it up to the Revenge of the Nerds.

For those of you who haven’t seen that movie, there is a scene near the film’s end when one of the nerds wore  a mask while being  intimate with one of the hot “cool girls,” Betty Childs, who was dating one of the colleges football stars.

Betty Childs,  [blissfully] Oh, Stan. You were wonderful. You did things to me you’ve never done before.  [Lewis takes off his mask-Betty gasps] Ahhh! You’re that NERD!

Lewis: Yeah.

Betty Childs, [blissfully] Oh, you were wonderful. Are all nerds as good as you?

Lewis: Yes.

Betty Childs, Pi-Delta-Pi: How come?

Lewis: ‘Cause all Jocks ever think about is sports, all we ever think about is sex.

In a way we are like those nerds, that is why Breitbart, his editors and contributors constantly come up with stories you will never find in the mainstream media.  ‘Cause all those reporters ever think about is their progressive agenda, all we ever think about is finding the truth.

As Andrew Klavan wrote on PJ Tatler:

Watching Breitbart crush Weiner beneath his heel like an insignificant weiner, it occurs to me that Breitbart’s genius – and he really is an information genius – consists almost entirely of two pieces of knowledge:  one, leftists will lie knowing the media will back them and two, the media will back them.  With those two principles, he manages to make utter fools of both lying leftists and their corrupt mainstream media cronies again and again.  Not to mention again.  It’s wonderful.

It certainly was wonderful because, not surprisingly, Andrew Breitbart and the “Big” sites were vindicated. At the same time his editors and those who contribute to his sites were also vindicated.  And for a medium-sized blogging nerd trying to scrape a living out of a keyboard and a desire to find the truth…that makes me one of the “cool kids.”