Almost 6 Months ago President Obama announced a new set of rules for the interrogation of terrorists.

The President has approved new recommendations for the interrogation and transfer of suspected terrorists, which were created by a task force he set up shortly after taking office. The big headline is the creation of an interagency team of interrogators, which will be known as the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG). It will be placed administratively within the FBI, but the National Security Council (NSC) will provide what senior officials described as “strategic policy guidance.” Although the officials were at some pains to state that the CIA will “be a key player in this effort,” the reporting structure of the HIG seems designed to limit the role of the agency.

It’s not clear who will head the new group or how many people it will employ — those are decisions for the coming days.

That was August 24th.  Today it is still not clear how the group will be comprised, after all it hasn’t been formed yet.  In a Washington Post Op Ed this weekend General Hayden who’s resume includes being the Director of both the CIA and NSA Informed us that Obama never set up the HIG:

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Actually, Blair [Director of National Intelligence] suggested that the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG), announced by the administration in August, should have been called in. A government spokesman later pointed out that the group does not yet exist.

There’s a final oddity. In August, the government unveiled the HIG for questioning al-Qaeda and announced that the FBI would begin questioning CIA officers about the alleged abuses in the 2004 inspector general’s report. They are apparently still getting organized for the al-Qaeda interrogations. But the interrogations of CIA personnel are well underway.

Maybe that’s the reason the underwear terrorist was not interrogated for longer than 50 minutes, there was no one around to interrogate him, their group to interrogate terrorists (HIG) still hasn’t been formed.

Isn’t it strange that the White House is in no hurry to interrogate al-Qaeda an act that might protect US citizens from dying in a terrorist attack?  Isn’t it also strange that it has been a higher priority to score political points with their progressive base with the prosecution of CIA personnel who worked for the president who came before him?

Its just another indication that this White House is more concerned with the destroying those who came before them, than protecting the American People.