President Obama has drawn much criticism for not calling Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as Israel has been defending herself from the onslaught of rockets from the terrorist Hamas.

Before yesterday afternoon leaders from almost all of Israel’s friends called Netanyahu, heck even France, and even the Secretary-General of the United Nations of the anti-Israel Ban Ki-moon called Bibi during this crisis but the leader of the United States, Israel’s very, very, “bestest” friend didn’t call. Finally yesterday evening Jerusalem time the president called.

I would suggest that we are not being fair to President Obama. He had a very good reason not to call America’s best friend in the Middle East. You see Israel reminds him of some of his Administrations scandals. For example:

  • Borders: Look, throughout America, the president is being beaten up over the surge of illegal immigrants across our sovereign border. Some even suggest that by not visiting the Texas border, Obama was duplicating the perceived disinterest of former President George W. Bush after hurricane Katrina. In the Middle East Obama has called on Israel to start discussions by conceding a pull-back from the Pre-1967 borders.  The President is afraid a public phone call or even a statement of support will cause the press to demand he visit the Israeli borders also…and lets face it, the guy is bushed, I mean tired.
  • Accountants-Israel is full of Jews. In the United States many Jews are accountants. Obama wants to avoid being associated with the Jewish State right now because Jewish accountants will remind people that he used the IRS to hurt political opponents.
  • Veterans– In Israel everyone, both men and women must serve in the IDF at age 18.  That means almost everyone in the country is either in the military or is a veteran. Bibi Netanyahu is a veteran.  Obama was afraid to call Netanyahu a veteran who leads a county with lots of veterans for fear that it would remind people of the veterans administration scandal which has done so much to hurt his reputation.
  • Lawyers– In America many Jews become attorneys.  Calling the Jewish State may remind people of all the losses the President has had in the Supreme Court, and that he is being sued by the House GOP for actions which violate constitutional separation of powers. And don’t forget his chief lawyer the Attorney General Eric Holder is not seen as being as fair and independent as an Attorney General is supposed to be.
  • Doctors– Everybody knows that the Jews who don’t become Accountants or Attorneys become doctors. Calling a nation of Jews with so many doctors is the same as calling a country with veterans—it reminds people of the V.A. scandal
  • Ben-Gurion Airport– Israel’s main airport is named after her first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.  Another reason he refused to call was that Ben-Gurion said fast sounds like Benghazi. Obama feared that because the names were close, a call to the Israeli Premier would lead the press to bringing up the Benghazi cover-up. Any fair person would understand this concern.

But despite all the fears above, with a little OK a lot pressure, President Barack Obama finally did call last night, He offered to mediate between Israel and Hamas, something which would be very hard to do because supposedly the United States has no relationship with the terrorist organization.  Granted a really good friend would have echoed Israel’s offer “as soon as Hamas announces the secession of rocket fire we will do the same,”  but hey he called!” Obama expressed his concern about the civilian casualties, but forgot to condemn Hamas for using civilians as human shields.  Listen— Obama is the leader of the free world, he is traveling all across the U.S. raising money —the poor man is beat! Give him a break. And its no big deal that Obama asked Bibi and all parties not to escalate the conflict as if Israel had a choice when 50% of its population sleeps in shelters every night, Hamas is trying to blow up Israel’s nuclear reactor and threatens Ben Gurion Airport.  This is a man who won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the President of the United States, who are we to question him?