“In this era of political correctness, some people seem unaware that being squeamish about words can mean being blind to realities,” Thomas Sowell.

Proving they are blind to reality, liberals who continue to descend into woke madness are now criticizing doctors for working to give sight to the blind because it somehow assumes the evil “superiority” of sighted people over the blind.

Come on. Seriously?

This is how crazy the woke leftists have become. I have never met or heard of sightless people who would rather be blind than be allowed surgery or other solution to giving them sight. But leave it to absurd leftists to see a “penumbra” in such a situation. The woke idiots don’t realize that surgery to restore sight is a choice. No one will show up at a blind person’s house, drag them to the nearby hospital and force them to have an operation. Perhaps they believe that ophthalmologists are starting to adopt liberal philosophy—- independent thought is not allowed.

It makes sense that the sightless would prefer to have the gift of sight than being sightless. But that simple fact in no way implies that a blind person is somehow worth less as a human being than a sighted person. It’s dimwitted wokeism to believe that.

At the end of January, a Youtuber named MrBeast posted a video in which he spoke to 1,000 people he helped get cataract surgery and restore their sight.

This was wonderful. What a great gift.

Everyone should rejoice for these people… except mindless, slow-witted wokesters looking for personal accolades by inventing a prejudice that doesn’t exist.   TechCrunch writer Steven Aquino was just the woke idiot to do it. In a Feb. 10 piece.

Aquino is a legally blind freelance journalist who believes someone appointed him the spokesman for every sightless person worldwide.

Aquino blathered about how he was standing up for the blind by opposing those evil ableists. In other words, he is not only sightless but also blind to reality.

Before delving into the many layers of why the video is troublesome, it’s important to issue a caveat. However problematic MrBeast’s premise in producing the video, the people who participated — the patients and their doctors — should not be vilified. They made the decision to go through with the surgery of their own volition. The reasoning behind making that choice goes far beyond the scope of this article.

In the broadest lens, the biggest problem with wanting to “cure” blindness is that it reinforces a moral superiority of sorts by those without disabilities over those who are disabled. Although not confronted nearly as often as racism and sexism, systemic ableism is pervasive through all parts of society.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of abled people view disability as a failure of the human condition; as such, people with disabilities should be mourned and pitied. More pointedly, as MrBeast stated in his video’s thumbnail, disabilities should be eradicated — cured.

Aquino is saying giving a person the option of turning a disability into an ability of sight is the essence of evil.

He added, “They don’t recognize the humanity of blind people; they only recognize the abhorrence of being unable to see.

Aquino doesn’t want the sightless to make their own choice about surgery.

Hey Steven. No one will sneak into yout house with a gun and “I have a gun. If you don’t go to the hospital and get the operation, I will shoot yout brains out.” Since the woke mind of Aquino believes that scientists and doctors working to cure blindness are somehow “discounting” someone’s “humanity,” perhaps he’s already had his brain scrambled

He finished his nonsensical op-ed with.

If someone “cured” deafness, what would happen to the people? Deaf culture is real. The culture would fade away because there’d be no reason for sign language to exist and the experiences derived from it. …

Disabilities need no cure. What truly needs curing is society’s proclivity to view the disability community as little more than real-life characters from a Tod Browning film. Disabled people are not freaks. Disability isn’t a bad word. You can learn a lot from us.

He’s right. “Disability isn’t a bad word,” but neither is the ability to give sight to the sightless.

The woke has to stop forcing people to adhere to their thoughts.

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