ot that anyone will be surprised, but a recent look at the results from Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence effort show that it has been programed to be anti-American.

The Media Research Center used Gemini between March and July to test the service for bias and found that it gave results that were consistently anti-American in its replies to questions about America’s founding fathers, its founding principles, and its global influence.

Gemini’s responses were so egregious, that the MRC’s Dan Schneider said, “If Google is not going to be objective, and the tech giant has shown time and time again that it is anything but objective, then shouldn’t its AI Gemini at least be pro-America.”

According to the MRC:

Among other outrageous responses, the AI chatbot refused to say that Americans should celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, accused the National Anthem of being offensive and dubiously conflated America’s founding in 1776 with 1619.

Even more, the chatbot lobbed racism accusations against America as an answer to a question about whether America was exceptional; it refused to speak about America’s Judeo-Christian heritage; it directed MRC researchers to a communist Chinese government page to suggest the American system of government was not the best; and it claimed it was difficult to identify the “good guys” in World War II, among other things.

Among the AI programs bias included its proclamation that America was “flawed” and that celebrations of Independence Day should be “balanced with acknowledging the nation’s shortcomings and working towards a more perfect union.”

The Chatbot also claimed that America was really founded in 1619, a date that radical leftists use so that they can blame slavery and other things on the U.S.A. even though it was not even a country until 1776.

In another case, Gemini tore down the national anthem and claimed that “The Star-Spangled Banner” was about American chattel slavery when it absolutely was not.

Next Chatbot insisted that Max’s Communist Manifesto was a more important document than the Declaration of Independence.

In other responses, Chatbot claimed that America isn’t exceptional, claimed America is a thoroughly racist country, said the U.S. was not the “good guys” in WWII, and undermined the U.S. Constitution.

None of this is a surprise, granted. But if you want the full story, check out the MRC’s full report.

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