The continued threats from North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un are being treated as serious by the US Military (and rightfully so). Today it was announced that the Navy was shifting a guided-missile destroyer in the Pacific to waters off the Korean peninsula in the wake of ongoing rhetoric from North Korea according to the Defense Dept. The carrier, the USS McCain is capable of intercepting and destroying a missile should the crazy North Korean follow through on its threats.

With the US and South Koreans preparing their defenses and the North’s declaration of a “state of war” and threats
to conduct missile attacks against the United States and South Korea there is real danger of some crazy with an itch starting to lob missiles at the opposite side of the peninsula.

Now if tensions aren’t high enough,  the Washington Free Beacon is reporting China has placed its military forces in the northeastern part of the country on heightened alert.  Even worse there are mixed signals as to the reasons behind the heightened alert.

Reports from the region reveal the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recently increased its military posture in response to the heightened tensions, specifically North Korea’s declaration of a “state of war” and threats to conduct missile attacks against the United States and South Korea.

According to the officials, the PLA has stepped up military mobilization in the border region with North Korea since mid-March, including troop movements and warplane activity.

China’s navy also conducted live-firing naval drills by warships in the Yellow Sea that were set to end Monday near the Korean peninsula, in apparent support of North Korea, which was angered by ongoing U.S.-South Korean military drills that are set to continue throughout April.

North Korea, meanwhile, is mobilizing missile forces, including road-mobile short- and medium-range missiles, according to officials familiar with satellite imagery of missile bases.

While the North Koreans are not seen as having the capability to strike the United States mainland, China is a different story.

The Chinese military activities near North Korea were detected in Jilin Province, and intelligence reports from the area on March 19 indicated that PLA forces were ordered to go to “Level One” alert status, the highest level of readiness.

Large groups of soldiers were seen on the streets in Ji’an, a city in Jilin, amid reports that the PLA had been ordered to combat readiness status.

PLA heavy armored vehicles, including tanks and armored personnel carriers, were reported moving near the Yalu River that separates China from North Korea.

Remember there was never a peace at the end of the Korean war, and China was a combatant on the North Korean side.

China’s military maintains a long-standing defense treaty with the North that obligates China to defend North Korea in the event it is attacked. The last time Chinese forces backed Pyongyang was during the Korean War when tens of thousands of Chinese “volunteers” drove south into the peninsula.

Chinese military spokesmen frequently refer to their relations with the Korean People’s Army, as the North Korean military is called, as ties “as close as lips and teeth.”

Other reports from China indicate that the heightened tensions have led to a disruption of trade between China and North Korea along the border between the two countries.

One sign of slowed commerce between China and North Korea was a Chinese Internet report from a restaurant owner in Dandong, China, a border city, who said commerce between the two countries was disrupted following North Korea’s Feb. 12 underground nuclear test.

Since that time, it has been more difficult for the goods from North Korea to reach China because the North Korean Customs Office closed frequently as a result of increased Chinese inspections of North Korean goods.

U.S. officials and private analysts said the slowdown may be a sign of Beijing’s displeasure at the North Korean nuclear test.

The question remain is China trying to show its support of North Korea or show its displeasure? Are they just trying to prevent an influx of refugees from the peninsula or are they trying to warn the United States that they have Kim Jong Un’s back no matter how crazy he acts?

Why is the president wasting time with his fake sequester speeches? Why is he going around the country with his fake gun control speeches and not spending time on this REAL crisis? Why isn’t Secretary of State Kerry meeting with his Chinese counterpart trying to defuse the situation?

To be honest Kim Jong Un is not concerning….but China is…and our naive President and our Kumbaya Secretary of State do not alleviate those concerns.