Joe Biden, our part time president and full time and full time senile White House resident is so infirm that he has had to skip meetings with world leaders because the meetings were past his bed time.

This isn’t recent, either. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that German officials sought a meeting with Biden in 2022, but he begged off because the meeting was scheduled for the early evening.

This meeting occurred right after Russia invaded Ukraine and was held among several world leaders along with the Germans.

Worse, this meeting had already been rescheduled to suit Biden’s delicate mental condition and was going to be held in the early part of the evening, but they were told it was still too late for Biden because his day is over after four in the afternoon.

Biden is only able to keep his mind working between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. we are now told. That means he can’t do any work outside that six-hour window.

Imagine, folks. We have a president who is only in his right mind for less than one third of every day.

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