It takes a lot to screw-up both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence at the same time, but Lois Capps Democratic Party Congresswoman from California’s 23rd Congressional district has talent (either that or she is trying to replace  Barbara Boxer’s title as the holder of the lowest IQ in congress).

Last year, while holding a town hall about the Obamacare bill she was asked where in the Constitution does it say the government can provide health care?  Her answer was that the Constitution guarantees Health, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Of course, Capps is wrong on two counts, the phrase is LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and the line is in the Declaration of Independence not the constitution. This is the quality of some of our people in Congress, they have no idea about the document they are sworn to uphold.

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Americans for Common Sense Solutions, a conservative 527 turned, Ms Capp’s idiocy into a commercial (see below-Source Washington Examiner)

Obamacare however, was not Ms Capps signature legislation. Her claim to fame was a different health oriented bill, back in 2002 she got a congressional earmark to pay for tattoo removal in her district.

That’s the home of Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif., who scored $50,000 in federal funding last month for a tattoo removal program in her district.

The funding was secured in the Justice Department appropriations bill, which passed Congress in early December.

Thursday, a government watchdog group said they don’t consider the government tattoo removal program a civic service to be paid for with taxpayer funds.

“Why should someone in Arizona or Wisconsin have to pay for this program?” asked David Williams, vice president of Citizens Against Government Waste. “That’s our biggest beef with this pork. Let the local government or county pay for it.”

Capps defended the procurement Thursday.

“Responding to the needs of my constituents is my top priority and I’m proud to work with law enforcement and health care officials when they request my help,” she said.

Lois Capps is precisely the kind of politician we do not need in Congress, a progressive with no understanding of the Constitution that gives her power or any appreciation of the role the federal government is supposed to have. Unfortunately, as of now she is running well ahead of her opponent Tom Watson, but there is still a week to go and as it says in the Declaration of Independence, miracles do happen (Ms Capps says its directly below the right to bear arms).