Look it was bound to happen, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon.  The clown prince of the Florida Congressional team finally had a head explosion.

It started back in the end of March when Neil Cavuto made mincemeat of him during an interview.

That’s when Grayson  began his slide downhill. First it was his comment, “If you get sick, America, the Republicans’ health care plan is this: Die quickly.” Then, appearing on MSNBC, he said of former Vice President Dick Cheney: “I have trouble listening to what he says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking,” he also called Fox News the enemy of America . and then last week a radio interview surfaced in which he had called a female adviser to the Federal Reserve chairman “a K Street whore.”  That one forced him to make a formal apology.

Bill O Reilly sent reporter Griff Jenkins to find Grayson and get his side of the story. After countless attempts to reach the congressman in his office, Jenkins found Grayson in a Capitol Building hallway but Grayson refused to answer any questions:

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Those previous incidents were just warning signs, The first term congressman’s brain has finally begun to burst because of the extreme damage caused by the Cavuto interview. He is accusing Fox News of “Stalking him” and Jenkins of being a “weapon of mass destruction”

Rep. Alan Grayson, the Florida Democratic congressman who made headlines recently with his provocative partisan comments, told supporters Friday he’s being stalked by FOX News.

In a fundraising email sent out by his campaign, Grayson said FOX News is ambushing him because he’s a “strong voice for justice” but that he won’t be taken down by the cable news network’s “weapons of mass distraction.”

The confrontation that sparked the note involved FOX News correspondent Griff Jenkins, who approached the freshman congressman outside his Capitol Hill office Wednesday and repeatedly asked Grayson what he meant when he called Federal Reserve adviser Linda Robertson a “K Street whore” and whether he would apologize to Vice President Cheney for saying “blood drips from his teeth when he speaks.”

…FOX’s Bill O’Reilly, host of the top-rated cable news show, aired the footage of Grayson on his program Wednesday evening, and interviewed Jenkins about the incident. Jenkins said Grayson called the police as he waited outside the congressman’s office for an interview.

“You could hear, audibly standing in the hallways, the congressman at a shouting level saying, ‘Why won’t these people leave! Why can’t you make them go away!’ And the police officer saying, ‘Sir, they have a right to be there. The hallways are public,’” Jenkins told O’Reilly.

Grayson said the episode was an effort to bully him and used it to criticize the Republican Party, which he ridiculed in September for having health care plans that amounted to a prescription for Americans to “die quickly.”

“On Wednesday, Fox News’s professional stalker Griff Jenkins stalked me all day, and then ambushed me, just so he could get some footage of me asking him to make an appointment,” Grayson wrote to his supporters.

“And sure enough, Bill O’Reilly put that footage on the air, and I was deluged with angry phone calls from Republican voters who think it’s my job to be at Fox’s beck and call. This is not surprising. The Republican Party is a now a wholly owned subsidiary of Fox News. Well, I won’t be taken down by Fox’s weapons of mass distraction.”

The e-mail also accused FOX of having a “news blackout on everything but fake tea protests and ambushes in the halls of Congress. Enough is Enough.”

 Poor Grayson, I fear it is too late to lead him back to sanity.  Neil Cavuto, how could you!