Some have asked me why I haven’t posted since Thursday.

Sadly on Friday my family buried my wife’s brother Todd who died after an Illness of over a year.  He was a young man, only 56.

Todd was a mensch of the highest order. Born with CP he spent his life helping others despite his physical challenges.  He was a behind the scenes “big shot” in the Queens, NY Democratic party.  Unlike most politicians Todd wasn’t full of Sh*t. He didn’t work in politics for the adoration or for self-enrichment, all he wanted to do was to help others.

Thursday my wife went to Todd’s apartment to find pictures to have in our house for the shivah. When she opened his drawers she found all these plaques and awards that he received–none of which we knew about.  Awards weren’t important to him–so every time he received one, he put it in the drawer with the others.

Todd loved people unconditionally.  He loved me (despite my politics) and I him (despite HIS politics). Family was the most important thing in his life. Be it my wife, his sister who he was so close to, his dad, or my kids…he was always asking about my kids and when he was with them he made my kids feel that they were the most important things in his life.

A few years ago when my wife told him that our daughter was working on a campaign for a Republican candidate, he said he was thrilled that the younger generation was getting involved and as for her party affiliation—she’ll grow out of it.

He worked for NY State until he was 41 retiring on disability. Incredibly his funeral was packed with people he hadn’t worked with for fifteen years.  Todd was always on the phone with them, helping them with their problems or listening to them in times of crisis.

Todd was a brilliant man with a large heart who truly believed in the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).  The world was a better place because of him and we will miss him dearly.