At the end of the year we like to review where we have been and to create goals for the future. The Islamic facists are no different. But you got to figure they are very busy with all of the beheadings, and homocide bomings and such so I thought I would help these terrorist SOBs community by doing their end of year project for them.

Islamic Facists 2006 the Year In Review
For the year in review I found this great Michelle Malkin Column on Red

The Year in Rage: By Michelle Malkin It began with the Danish cartoons. It ended with the flying imams. The year 2006 was a banner year for the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. Twelve turbulent months of fist-waving, embassy-burning, fatwa-issuing mayhem, intimidation and murder resounded with the ululations of the aggrieved. All this in the name of defending Islam from “insult.” Let’s review. In late January, masked Palestinian gunmen took over a European Union office in Gaza City to protest the publication of a dozen cartoons about Islam, Muhammad and self-censorship in the Danish newspaper the Jyllands-Posten. They stormed the building, burned Danish flags, and spearheaded an international boycott of Denmark’s products across the Muslim world. The rage was manufactured pretext. The cartoons had been published four months earlier with little fanfare. It wasn’t until a delegation of instigating Danish imams toured Egypt with the cartoons – plus a few inflammatory fake ones, including an old image of a French hog-calling contest participant deceptively portrayed as “anti-Muslim” – that the fire started burning. Think the mainstream media will remember that? Not likely. They fell for the ruse and were slow to acknowledge it after American bloggers and Danish television exposed the scheme. What was really behind Cartoon Rage? Muslim bullies were attempting to pressure Denmark over the International Atomic Energy Agency’s decision to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council for continuing with its nuclear research program. The chairmanship of the council was passing to Denmark at the time.
Alas, Western journalists, analysts and apologists were too clouded by their cowardice and conciliation to see through the smoke. More than 800 were injured in the ensuing riots, and 130 people paid with their lives. The innocents included Italian Catholic priest Andrea Santoro, who was shot to death in Turkey on Feb. 5 by a teenage boy enraged by the illustrations. The Muslim gunman shouted, “Allahu Akbar!” as he murdered Father Santoro while the priest knelt praying in his church. Several brave moderate Muslim editors who stood up to the madness were jailed, fined and convicted of crimes related to insulting Islam. The Danish cartoonists remain in hiding. The world soon tired of Cartoon Rage, but the “peaceful” Muslim ragers were just warming up. They found excuses large and small to riot and threaten Western infidels. In India, they protested the magazine publication of a picture of a playing card showing an image of Mecca and also burned Valentine’s Day cards. An insult to Islam, they screamed. In Spain, they protested a Madrid store for selling a postcard with a mosque on it with the words “We slept here.” An insult to Islam, they protested. In Pakistan, they burned down a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, a Pizza Hut, and toppled Ronald McDonald. In Jakarta, they smashed the offices of Playboy magazine. You know why. In June, the trial against lioness journalist Oriana Fallaci for insulting Islam commenced in Bergamo, Italy. She had been charged by professional Muslim rager Adel Smith of the Muslim Union of Italy of “vilipendio” – vilifying Islam – in her post-9/11 books slamming jihad. A judge had refused to throw out the case. She faced a pile of death threats and accusations of “Islamophobia” for speaking truth to Islamo-power. Fallaci’s death from cancer during the fifth anniversary week of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks pre-empted the trial in Italy, but her passing did nothing to pre-empt the eternal rage of the perpetually outraged. The day she died, the grievance-mongers were shaking their fists and calling for the head of Pope Benedict XVI for his speech that made reference to a 14th-century conversation touching on holy war and jihad. For engaging in open, honest intellectual and spiritual debate, he was condemned, lit afire in effigy and targeted anew. The ragers bombed Christian churches in Gaza City and Nablus. They murdered Italian Sister Leonella Sgorbati, an elderly Catholic nun shot in the back by a Somalian jihadist stoked by Pope Rage. “Whoever offends our Prophet Muhammad should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim,” a Somalian cleric had declared. The Vatican made nice with Muslim leaders. New outrages are always in bloom. In late September, it was a Berlin production of Mozart’s “Idomeneo” that featured the decapitated head of Muhammad. A week later, it was a banyan tree attacked by Indonesian Muslims who wanted to disprove its mystical powers. A few days after that, it was former British foreign secretary Jack Straw, who had the audacity to make the very obvious observation that full Muslim veils impede communications between women and Westerners. Offensive! Disturbing! An insult to Islam! Not to be outdone, a delegation of extortionist imams boarded a US Airways flight in Minneapolis in November and tried to manufacture an international human-rights incident. They clamored for a boycott and threatened to sue. The good news: The fire did not catch here this time. The bad news: As Oriana Fallaci warned before her death: “The hate for the West swells like a fire fed by the wind. The clash between us and them is not a military one. It is a cultural one, a religious one, and the worst is still to come.”

Islamic Facists A Look Ahead
If you think it is hard to get a good appartment in New York or Los Angeles now its going to get much worse–just read this from YNETNEWS:

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The Iranian news agency reported that, during his speech in western Iran, the Iranian president said that the US, Britain and Israel are doomed to disappear. “The aggressive forces will vanish, while the Iranian people will survive – since all who chose God will survive and those who distance themselves from God vanish like Pharaoh,” said Ahmadinejad in his speech. “The US, Britain, and the Zionist regime will vanish since they have distanced themselves from God. This is a divine promise,” he added.

WOW–He talks to G-d ! Isn’t Pat Robertson going to get jealous?

Folks, wake up because it is almost too late. The western world is in a WAR against Islamic Fascism. All of this nicety about political correctness, or wanting negotiations is not going to work. They want to destroy the United States, they want to destroy Great Britain, and they want to destroy Israel! It is not my words it theirs. Open your eyes and support the war on terror before we all the Iranian Despot gets his way. Heed Ms Fallaci’s words:

The hate for the West swells like a fire fed by the wind. The clash between us and them is not a military one. It is a cultural one, a religious one, and the worst is still to come.”

Yael at Boker Tov Bolder found Some Rabbis that think we should be negotiating with these Terrorists

List of Rabbis, Part II

Back in March, I published a list of rabbis who urged “constructive engagement with the new Palestinian government.” As I wrote at the time, Hullo, folks, we are talking about HAMAS. Now there’s another list of “rabbinic” signatories, this time urging the United States to “re-engage all of the important players in this conflict, including Iran and Syria.” Actually this effort started up around the High Holy Days, and I’m only just now coming across it. Now get this through your heads, boys and girls. These “rabbis” want the US to talk to Eichmanndinejad, who every other day threatens the annihilation of the only Jewish country in the world. I simply can’t believe they found over three hundred Jewish people, let alone rabbis, who would put their name to such an unbelievable disgrace. Anyway, here’s the list, in alphabetical order by last name. You might want to check it for a rabbi near you.
Scott Aaron Chicago IL
Rebbeca T Alpert Philadelphia PA
Renni S. Altman Great Neck NY
Julia Andelman New York NY
Camille Shira Angel San Francisco CA
Daniel Aronson Wyncote PA
Raphael W. Asher Walnut Creek CA
Tsurah L August Seattle WA

Benjamin H Barnett Corvallis OR
David Dunn Bauer Amherst MA
Renee H. Bauer Minneapolis MN
Pamela Frydman Baugh San Francisco CA
Dennis Beck-Berman Petersburg VA
Shelley Kovar Becker NY NY
Leonard I. Beerman Los Angeles CA
Haim Dov Beliak Los Angeles CA
Allen B. Bennett Alameda CA
Philip J Bentley Hendersonville NC
Peter Berg Washington Township NJ
Aliza Berk San Francisco CA
H. Philip Berkowitz Kennebunkport ME
Donna Berman Hartford CT
Howard A. Berman Jamaica Plain MA
Marjorie Berman Philadelphia PA
Phyllis Berman Philadelphia PA
Leila Gal Berner Kensington MD
Jonathan Arthur Biatch Madison WI
Binyamin Biber Silver Spring MD
Erwin Allan Bloom Davie FL
Herman J. Blumberg Malden MA
Rena S. Blumenthal Poughkeepsie NY
Elizabeth Bolton Baltimore MD
Stephen Booth-Nadav Denver CO
Jill Borodin Seattle WA
Gill Brociner New York NY
Herbert Brockman Hamden CT
Lynn Brody Los Angeles CA
Caryn Broitman Vineyard Haven MA
Herbert Bronstein Glencoe IL
Marcelo Bronstein New York NY
David Brusin Milwaukee WI

Carol Caine Albany CA
Donald P. Cashman Albany NY
Adam Chalom Highland Park IL
Kenneth Chasen Los Angeles CA
Steven A. Chester Oakland CA
Ayelet S. Cohen New York NY
Debrah Anne Cohen Philadelphia PA
Michael M. Cohen Manchester Center VT
Andrea S. Cohen-Kiener West Hartford CT
Hillel Cohn San Bernardino CA
Neil Seth Comess-Daniels Santa Monica CA
David J. Cooper Piedmont CA
Mychal Heather Copeland Stanford CA
Laurie Coskey San Diego CA
Meryl M Crean Elkins Park PA
Darryl Arthur Crystal Madison WI
Matt Cutler Schenectady NY

Jerome K Davidson Great Neck NY
James S. Diamond Princeton NJ
Robert Dobrusin Ann Arbor MI
Art Donsky Pittsburgh PA
Malka T. Drucker Santa Fe NM

Renee Beth Edelman Port Washington NY
Judith Barbara Edelstein New York NY
Lisa A. Edwards Los Angeles CA
Joab Eichenberg-Eilon Marietta GA
Amy Eilberg Mendota Heights MN
Bruce Elder Highland Park IL
Diane A. Elliot Oakland CA
Daniel Epstein Fair Lawn NJ
Greg M. Epstein Cambridge MA
Andrew Vogel Ettin Pfafftown NC

Ted Falcon Seattle WA
Milton Feierstein Gloversville NY
Michael E. Feinberg New York NY
Dena Feingold Kenosha WI
Jen Feldman Chapel Hill NC
Zev-Hayyim Feyer Claremont CA
Steven N. Fineblum Cinnaminson NJ
Tirzah Firestone Boulder CO
Frank A. Fischer Chapel Hill NC
Alan Flam Providence RI
Randy Craig Fleisher St. Louis MO
Jeff Foust Newton MA
Dan Drew Franzen Page AZ
Ariel J. Friedlander Port Washington NY
Barry Friedman Hopatcong NJ
John S. Friedman Durham NC
Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer Wyncote PA

Ruth Gais Summit NJ
Joyce Galaski Amherst MA
Hillel Gamoran Seattle WA
Rachel Gartner Richmond IN
Everett E. Gendler Great Barrington MA
Stuart Weinberg Gershon Summit NJ
Aubrey L. Glazer Harrison NY
Robert J. Gluck Albany NY
Shai Gluskin Philadelphia PA
Rosalind A. Gold Reston VA
Shefa Gold Jemez Springs NM
Dan Goldblatt Danville CA
Rachel D. Goldenberg Dallas TX
Eva Goldfinger Encino CA
Jeffrey Wolfson Goldwasser Williamstown MA
Paul Golomb Poughkeepsie NY
David M. Gordis Newton MA
Debora S. Gordon Troy NY
Leonard Gordon Philadelphia PA
Maralee Gordon Woodstock IL
Lynn Gottlieb Ojai CA
Roberto Graetz Lafayette CA
Lina N. Grazier-Zerbarini New Haven CT
Arthur Green Newton MA
David Greenstein Rego Park NY
Daniel Gropper Rye NY
Marc Gruber Rockville Centre NY
Joshua Gutoff Brooklyn NY Debra R. Hachen Closter NJ
Andrew M Hahn New York NY
Stanley D. Halpern Gary IN
Maurice Harris Eugene OR
Lauren Grabelle Herrmann Philadelphia PA
Tom Heyn Loveland OH
Aryeh Hirschfield Portland OR
Erin D Hirsh Philadelphia PA
Linda J Holtzman Philadelphia PA
Michael G. Holzman Philadelphia PA
Mark Hurvitz Poway CA
Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin Eugene OR

Sheldon Isenberg Gainesville FL
Brett R. Isserow Alexandria VA

Steven Jacobs Woodland Hills CA
Jennifer Jaech Croton-on-Hudson NY
Beth Janus Soquel CA
Amita Jarmon Rockland ME
Miriam S. Jerris Farmington Hills MI

David Kaiman Gainesville FL
Raphael Joshua Kanter New Bedford MA
Harley Karz-Wagman Everett WA
Peter E. Kasdan Longboat Key FL
Nancy Kasten Dallas TX
Jan David Katzew New Rochelle NY
Alvan Kaunfer Providence RI
Lori Klein Santa Cruz CA
Stephen A. Klein Scarsdale NY
Sharon Kleinbaum New York NY
Tracy Guren Klirs New York NY
Myriam Klotz Bala Cynwyd PA
Peter S. Knobel Evanston IL
Tamara Ruth Kolton Farmington Hills MI
David Kominsky Portland OR
Neil Kominsky Lowell MA
Chava Koster New York NY
Douglas E. Krantz Armonk NY
Allen Krause Mission Viejo CA

Susan Laemmle Los Angeles CA
Karen Landy Brookline MA
Alan LaPayover Philadelphia PA
Michael Adam Latz Seattle WA
Yoseif A Leevy Lamont FL
Barry Leff Toledo OH
David Leipziger-Teva Middletown CT
Michele E Lenke Needham MA
Joshua C. Lesser Atlanta GA
Sarra Lev Philadelphia PA
Mark Howard Levin Overland Park KS
Joshua Levine-Grater Pasadena CA
Stanley Levy Los Angeles CA
Sue E. Levy Webster TX
Yael Levy Philadelphia PA
Sheldon Joel Lewis Palo Alto CA
Valerie Lieber Hollis NY
Mordechai Liebling Philadelphia PA
Rebecca Lillian Miami FL
John A. Linder Glenview IL
Kennard Lipman Napa CA
Ellen Lippmann Brooklyn NY
Andrea C London Evanston IL
Alan H Lovins New Haven CT

Shaul Magid Ocean Beach NY
Joseph Edward Mahoney Muncie IN
Jonathan Malino Greensboro NC
Tamar S. Malino Poway CA
Harry A Manhoff San Leandro CA
Paula Marcus Aptos CA
Jeffrey M Marker Brooklyn NY
Susan Marks Sarasota FL
Robert J. Marx Glencoe IL
J. Rolando Matalon New York NY
Dennis N. Math New York NY
Gary Alan Mazo Marstons Mills MA
Rim Meirowitz Winchester MA
Paul J Menitoff Palm Beach FL
Michael Michlin Hazleton PA
Michelle Missaghieh Los Angeles CA
Malka Mittelman La Crescenta CA
David Mivasair Monkton MD
Stephen Fisher Moch Holiday FL
Ben Morrow Santa Fe NM
Linda Motzkin Saratoga Springs NY

Howard I Needleman Commack NY
Sheryl Lynne Nosan-Blank Orangevale CA

Jonathan Omer-Man Berkeley CA
Sue Oren Brooklyn NY
David Osachy Jacksonville FL
Shaul Osadchey Houston TX

William Plevan New York NY
Linda Potemken Media PA
Amber Powers Philadelphia PA
Allan Press Danville NH
Deborah R Prinz Poway CA Marc Lee Raphael Williamsburg VA
Victor Hillel Reinstein Jamaica Plain MA
Steven Carr Reuben Pacific Palisades CA
Yael Ridberg New York NY
Moti Rieber Naperville IL
Norman T. Roman West Bloomfield MI
Yael Romer Kingston NY
Brant Rosen Evanston IL
Aaron Rosenberg Waterford CT
James Bruce Rosenberg Barrington RI
Anna S Rosenfield Ambridge PA
Jennie Rosenn New York NY
Jeff Roth New Paltz NY
Sandy Roth New Hope PA
Jonathan Rubenstein Saratoga Springs NY

Regina L. Sandler-Phillips Brooklyn NY
David F. Sandmel Chicago IL
Dennis Sasso Indianapolis IN
Sandy Sasso Indianapolis IN
Scott Saulson Atlanta GA
Julie Saxe-Taller San Francisco CA
Judith Schindler Charlotte NC
Chaim Leib Schneider Santa Cruz CA
Rachel Schoenfeld Brookline MA
Barry L. Schwartz Cherry Hill NJ
Peter Schweitzer New York NY
Judith Seid Pleasanton CA
Chaim Seidler-Feller Los Angeles CA
Gerald Serotta Chevy Chase MD
Drorah Setel Buffalo NY
Judy Shanks Lafayette CA
David Shneyer Rockville MD
Burt Aaron Siegel New York NY
Suzanne Singer Los Angeles CA
Jonathan P Slater Hastings-on-Hudson NY
Amy Joy Small Chatham NJ
Joel E Soffin New York NY
Felicia Sol New York NY
Eric M. Solomon Raleigh NC
Scott Sperling Takoma Park MD
Adam Stock Spilker St. Paul MN
Toba Spitzer West Newton MA
Jacob J. Staub Wyncote PA
Linda K. Steigman Kingston PA
Margot Stein Bala Cynwyd PA
Arthur Z. Steinberg Portsmouth VA
Elisabeth Weiss Stern Cambridge MA
George M. Stern Philadelphia PA
Ariel Stone Portland OR
Alvin M. Sugarman Atlanta GA
Yaffa-Shira Sultan San Diego CA
Jeff Sultar Philadelphia PA Joshua Samuel Taub St. Louis MO
Michael Z. P. Tayvah Belle Mead NJ
Elliott Tepperman Montclair NJ
Carla Theodore Sperryville VA
Jon-Jay Tilsen New Haven CT
Lawrence Troster Teaneck NJ
Theodore Tsuruoka Great Neck NY Jan R Uhrbach East Hampton NY
Danielle Janine Upbin Clearwater FL Jason Van Leeuwen Los Angeles CA
Burton L. Visotzky New York NY
Andrew D. Vogel Brookline MA

Heidi Waldmann Plattsburgh NY
Brian Walt West Tisbury MA
Arthur Waskow Philadelphia PA
Joshua Waxman Fort Washington PA
Nancy Ester Wechsler-Azen Carmichael CA
Elyse Wechterman Attleboro MA
Sheila Peltz Weinberg Amherst MA
Melissa Weintraub Brooklyn NY
Simkha Y. Weintraub Brooklyn NY
Kenneth Jay Weiss Carlsbad CA
Lewis J. Weiss Indianapolis IN
Zari M. Weiss Seattle WA
Margaret Moers Wenig NY NY
Arnold Jacob Wolf Chicago IL
Joseph A. Wolf Portland OR
Greg Wolfe Davis CA
Bridget Wynne El Cerrito CA

Gordon Yaffe Oakhurst NJ Irwin A. Zeplowitz Port Washington NY
Shawn Israel Zevit Philadelphia PA
Laurie Zimmerman Madison WI
Henry A Zoob Westwood MA
David J. Zucker Aurora CO
Cantor Margery Auerbach Silver Spring MA
Cantor Michael Davis Chicago IL
Cantor Samuel E Levine Brooklyn NY
Cantor Jonathan Lovins Avon CT
Cantor Steven Puzarne Los Angeles CA
Cantor Sue Roemer Silver Spring MD
Cantor Richard E. Rosenfield Geneva NY
Cantor Hollis Suzanne Schachner Wayland MA
Cantor Richard Schwartz Culver City CA
Cantor David Serkin-Poole Bellevue WA
Cantor Linda Shivers Portland OR
Cantor Elliot Taubman Block Island RI
Cantor Yakov Warner La Habra Heights CA
As I was copying out the names, it seemed there was a preponderance of women, so yes, I went back and bolded the women’s names – only where I was certain – so I could look at the list and see what’s what on the basis of gender. (Go ahead, call me sexist, I’ve been called worse.) I assume there are less women rabbis than men in the general population, so perhaps it is a preponderance if you look at it that way. I’ve rather given up on the notion of “progress.” Efforts toward “gender equality” have only proven the real, underlying equality of women: we can be just as stupid and misguided as men. Maybe even more so.

Gee Yael..what I noticed was there was very few southerners. I hope you folks that go to these Shuls remember what to say when your clergy’s contracts come up for renewal:Shalom Y’all

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