As it is our tradition, the last five days of the year we post the stories you enjoyed the most, based on total traffic. The top 50 stories of the year. Today we count down #31-40 and remember….if you click on the title you can read the entire post story.

#40) Former Planned Parenthood Employee Says Moms Were Pressured Into Donating Baby Parts (8/11/15) Between 2001 and 2009 Abby Johnson worked for the Southeast Texas Planned Parenthood Clinic, the same place where the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) filmed the fifth undercover video showing PP selling aborted baby parts. In an interview with the Daily Signal which is unrelated to CMP, Ms Johnson said employees received a bounty for each woman they convinced to allow their baby to be mutilated and sold off in pieces.

#39) Former Israeli Ambassador To U.S- Obama Purposely Screwed Up Relationship W/Israel (With Hillary’s Help) (6/16/15) According to former Israeli Ambassador Oren, Obama was dedicated to screwing up the Israeli/United States friendship from his first day in office.

From the moment he entered office, Mr. Obama promoted an agenda of championing the Palestinian cause and achieving a nuclear accord with Iran. Such policies would have put him at odds with any Israeli leader. But Mr. Obama posed an even more fundamental challenge by abandoning the two core principles of Israel’s alliance with America.

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#38) Judges Eviscerate IRS Lawyers For Arguing They Can Discriminate Based On Viewpoints For 270 Days (5/7/15) The IRS made an argument to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday that was so arrogant, so entitled that the judges declared themselves “shocked” before they went ahead and (per the WSJ) “eviscerated the IRS and Justice Department” during oral argument in a case alleging the agency delayed the tax-exempt application of Z Street, a pro-Israel organization.  Things got so bad one judge warned,  “If I were you, I would go back and ask your superiors whether they want us to represent that the government’s position in this case is that the
government is free to unconstitutionally discriminate against its citizens for 270 days”


#37) Sharpton’s #1 Rule: No Palm Greasing- No Peace (1/4/15)  

Inciting hatred is big business, and Al Sharpton is the Donald Trump of promoting hatred. Sharpton has gotten very wealthy promoting racial hatred and Antisemitism, according to the NY Post is now getting “hush money” from corporations begging him not to call them racist. Soon after Sony Pictures Co-Chairwoman Amy Pascal’s racially insensitive hacked emails were released, Pascal convened with Sharpton in a meeting that had Pascal and her team “shaking in their boots” in fear of him. When the group emerged, Sharpton had secured himself a prominent seat on a “working group” to combat racial bias in Hollywood, the Post reported.

#36) You Think GOP Senators’ Letter To Iran Bad? In 1983 Ted Kennedy Offered To Help USSR Out-Negotiate Reagan (5/10/15)  Ted Kennedy told the USSR he would help them with negotiating with Reagan, if they would help him become President in 1988. In the Early 1980’s President Ronald Reagan was Isolating the Soviet Union, while rearming the US at a pace that the USSR could not keep up with. His strategy, resulted in ending the cold war, destroying the Soviet Union and bringing down the Communist dictatorships across Eastern Europe…Kennedy dispatched former Sen. John Tunney, a fellow Democrat from California, to seek face-to-face meetings between Kennedy and General Secretary Yuri Andropov. Tunney brought with him a memo on the tense relations between the U.S. and Soviets – with Kennedy siding unequivocally with the Soviets and blaming Reagan.

#35) ‘Ride The Thunder’ Movie: A Dream 12 Years In The Making (3/22/15)  Though his service post-dates the Vietnam War, many of the men who mentored Rich Botkin, heroes he greatly admires, were Vietnam Veterans. In Ride the Thunder, Botkin attempts to give a “30,000 foot view of and a fighting hole view of the war through the experiences of … 3 American Marine officers and … 2 South Vietnamese officers.” The book, the story, highlights the difference between the North Vietnamese (NVA…the Communists) and the South Vietnamese (RVN) — the RVN were good guys. Incredibly hard-fighting good guys.


#34) Obama Sends Political Team To Israel To Defeat Netanyahu (Funded By State Dept.) (1/27/15) Remember when Obama said he wouldn’t meet with Israeli PM Netanyahu because it was too close to the Israeli Election? That was only part of the reason. Apparently this president has a horse in the race. First revealed in its Hebrew edition, Ha’arez is reporting The group V15, which denies that its motto is ‘anyone but Bibi,’ is working with U.S. political strategist Jeremy Bird who worked on the Obama campaign to replace the Israeli government in March.

#33) What Happened Fence Promised By The 2006 Secure Fence Act? (8/16/15)

During his El Paso speech about immigration reform on May 10, 2011,  Obama declared that the fence along the border with Mexico is “now basically complete.” Like much of what comes out of the Obama administration, that was a lie.

What was supposed to be built was a double layered fence with barbed-wire on top, and room for a security vehicle to patrol between the layers. Except for 36 of the seven-hundred mile fence, what was built is only slightly better than no fence at all.

#32) Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Hamas Supporter As New ISIL Czar (Uncle Yasser Would Be Proud) (12/1/15)   President Obama has appointed second-generation anti-Israel activist, and former Iran deal negotiator Robert O. (Rob) Malley as his ‘senior adviser on the counterinsurgency campaign against ISIL.’ Malley knows much about terrorism as his dad was close friends with Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat (they both were born and raised in Egypt and each was funded by the USSR). While the sins of the father are not normally visited on the son, this son has chosen to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

#31)Why Does Planned Parenthood Get Away With Keeping Statutory Rape Cases Secret? (9/9/15)  Two weeks ago, an MRCTV blog revealed that Planned Parenthood was covering up cases of child sexual abuse in its Mobile, Alabama clinic. A new investigative report from the Alliance Defending Freedom reveals other cases of Planned Parenthood also covering up sexual abuse of children in Alabama, and in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Ohio.

In 2014, the National Conference of State Legislatures reported that 48 States, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, The Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands list groups of individuals who are required to report suspected child abuse or neglect. New Jersey and Wyoming do not list specific groups of professionals. All the states that list the individuals who are mandated to report child abuse, include heath professionals on their lists.

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