I would like to thank the readers for hanging with “The Lid” for another year.  This was the biggest single year for traffic we have ever had with almost 1.4 Million page views and about 1.1 Million individual visits spread over 1,144 posts so far in 2013. And this doesn’t count the people who subscribe to the site via Facebook.

As it is our tradition, the last five days of the year we post which stories you enjoyed the most, based on total traffic the top fifty posts of the year.  Today we present #41-50 (actually 51 because there was a tie for #50)..if you click on the title you can read the entire post:

#50 (a) Top UN Human Rights Official–The US DESERVED the Boston Bombing (4/29/13) An Op-ed in the latest issue of Foreign Policy Journal  called A Commentary on the Marathon Murders (dated 4/22) Falk contended that the US because of its fantasy of global domination got what it deserved last week in Boston, and the source of it all (of course)was Israel.

#50(b) The Little Known Court Case That Might Kill Obamacare (12/17/13) There are still many Obamacare cases making their way through the courts, everything from the Hobby Lobby case to the case asking to strike down the bill because it was a tax/spending bill originating in the Senate, but there is a very little known case that may actually kill Obamacare.  There is nowhere in the bill that authorizes the payment of subsidies to those who are buying their insurance through the federal exchange.

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#49 Obama’s Big Lie-There Won’t Be Default Unless HE Ignores Constitution (We’re Already Over Debt Limit)(10/9/13) The President is doing his best to frighten Americans and our creditors by claiming if the GOP does not capitulate to his demands and “cleanly” raise the debt ceiling we will default on our debt, damaging forever the full faith and credit of the United States. Simply put, that is a lie!

#48 BREAKING Watergate Redux? FBI Investigating Mother Jones’ Bugging Mitch McConnell Campaign HQ(4/9/13) According to sources within the GOP, the  FBI has been been called in to investigate the bugging of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McDonnell’s reelection campaign office. Last night, Mother Jones published a secret recording of McConnell discussing opposition research on Ashley Judd.

#47 BREAKING: Archeologists Find Hidden Version of Constitution (From 1790) In Chicago Cave (2/14/13) In a Washington D.C. news conference archeologists working for the Smithsonian Institution have announced an incredible discovery–a hidden version of  the U.S Constitution dated 1790. It was passed by the original 13 States and intended to supplant the version  ratified in 1788 (the one we use now). The Chief Archeologist on the project named the document “the Dead Baseball Team Scrolls,” because they were found in a previously unknown cave underneath Wrigley Field in Chicago.

#46 Is Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) The DUMBEST Person In Congress? (4/3/13) WARNING: If you have food in your mouth…make sure to swallow before you read this post! Watch out Barbara Boxer–be frightened Sheila Jackson Lee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Congressman Hank Johnson your crown may tip over like Guam, there is a brand new idiot in town Congresswoman Diana DeGette.

#45 NEW REVELATION!! NSA Can Tap Into Your Smart Phone Data (9/8/13) Brony’s beware, the NSA knows all about those My Little Pony apps on your smart phone. German Magazine Der Spiegel  has learned from internal NSA documents that the US intelligence agency has the capability of tapping user data from the smartphone devices using iPhone,  Android as well as BlackBerry, a system previously believed to be highly secure.

#44 Politically Correct New Nick Names For The Washington Redskins (4/30/13)Washington DC council member David Grosso says the name Washington Redskins is “racist and derogatory,” and that “it’s time to make a change.”

Grosso’s resolution suggests “Redtails” as a new nickname. He says it would honor the Tuskegee Airmen and allow the team to maintain its fight song and color scheme with a few minor changes.

REDTAILS? I’m sorry but that’s no name for a football team.  Redtails connotes someone who’s arse is sore because he got whupped. If the DC City Council is so extremely PC that they want a name change maybe the team could pick one of these:

#43 Why is USA Today Telling Global Warming Lies? (12/3/13) When it comes to global warming, climate change or whatever the theorists are calling it this these days, the mainstream media will report exactly what they are being fed without questioning anything. That is what was done on Tuesday in USA Today in a report which asks “How fast is the Earth’s climate actually changing?”

Two “abrupt” impacts the report said can be definitively linked to climate change are a rapid decline in sea ice over the past decade, and increased extinction pressure on plant and animal species.

#42 LIARS! Mother Jones Edited McConnell Transcript To Make It Seem Campaign Research Done on Govt. Time (4/10/13) Sadly these guys read the transcript but neglected to listen to the tape..you see the Mother Jones reporting staff being the unbiased journalists changed some important words in the bugging transcript–the words where the minority leader thanked his staff for doing the research in their free time, in other words they volunteered and did it outside of their jobs.

#41 U.S. Sees Highest Poverty Spike Since The 1960s-The Associated Press Blames The GOP (4/3/13) According to the U.S. Census Bureau the number of Americans below the poverty levels are at numbers not seen since the mid-1960s when President Lyndon B. Johnson launched the federal government’s so-called War on Poverty (which didn’t work).

In January, nearly 50 million Americans — one in six — were living below the income line that defines poverty, according to the bureau. A family of four that earns less than $23,021 a year is listed as living in poverty.  The Census bureau said 20 percent of the country’s children are poor.

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