As it is our tradition, the last five days of the year we post which stories you enjoyed the most, based on total traffic the top fifty posts of the year. Today the countdown of readers top stories of the year continues.  From 12/26/2012-12/25/2013 there were 1,144 posts to this site, these are the fifty which were read the most.  Yesterday we posted  #41-50, today is #31-40….if you click on the title you can read the entire post:

#40 Obama Hinted A 2nd Administration Would Be Anti-Israel, So Why Are People Surprised Now? (11/10/13)During his trip to the Middle East to revive the struggling peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Secretary of State John Kerry agreed to joint interview with Israel’s Channel 2 and the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation. Aired Thursday, Kerry took a one-sided and threatening tone toward Israel, including some very undiplomatic words which could be used to incite new violence against the Jewish State.

#39 NYS Sen. Dems Delay Abortion Vote So Sabbath-Observant Pro-Life Jew Would Leave Before Ballot (7/7/13)  On Friday afternoons observant Jew face a different deadline than their gentile colleagues, they need to be home with their families before sundown and the beginning of the Sabbath.  It’s not just a matter of being home for the holiday, we Jews believe that just as God rested after six days of creation,  on the seventh day of each week,  Jews are commanded not to work or do 39 other activities which relate to “creating.”  Democrats in the NY State Senate tried to take advantage of the Jewish Sabbath, by delaying a vote on  an abortion-rights amendment till the Jewish Sabbath so Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder, an Orthodox Jew and fellow Democrat, wouldn’t be able to vote. But they didn’t count on Felder getting advice from his Rabbi.

#38 Federal Judge “Bitch Slaps” Obama’s EEOC–Calls Their Case “Laughable”,“Distorted and Cherry-Picked” (8/16/13) Wow it is very rare for a Federal District Judge to to through together so many nasty adjectives in in one opinion but Judge Roger Titus blasted the Obama Administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) case as he tossed out its case against Freeman Decorating Services Inc. In his angry ruling the Judge called the EEOC’s allegations “laughable,” “distorted,” “cherry-picked,” “worthless” and “an egregious example of scientific dishonesty.”

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#37 Allegheny College Gives Masturbation Class-In a CHURCH!?!?  (2/21/13) Allegheny College bills itself as a unique place where students embrace the College’s total educational experience.  They brag that their students have the uncanny ability to create unusual combinations of interests and talents.  And the latest news about the school certainty supports their case. According to  Allegheny student Katie McHugh who reported the story in The Fix.  The Ford Memorial Chapel was the location for an interesting class,  as professional sex educators advised students in attendance how best to touch themselves and their partners to reach orgasm. 

#36 HOLDER PERJURY?? TWO JUDGES SAID NO Before Holder Got James Rosen Warrant (5/24/13) This isn’t going to go down well for Eric Holder and the administration.  Last night NBC News reported that it was AG Holder who personally approved the decision to go after Fox News’ James Rosen. Today the Department of Justice told Reuters the NBC report is correct, possibly setting up the Attorney General to be indited for perjury.

#35 Are These Videos of Barack Obama From 2003? (5/1/13) I just ran across these videos. These ten year old commercials for Budweiser True may star Barack Obama. They must have done a great makeup job because the actor doesn’t look at all like the president but the words are so eerily familiar.

#34 Your Tax Dollars At Work: U Of Minn. Offers Class On Achieving Female Orgasm (1/29/13) When I was graduating high school my parents told me that I could go to any school I wanted, as long as it was a state school. After all the State U of NY system was partially funded by the state and they represented the only schools in our “price range.”   With this latest news kids all over the country may be begging their parents to move to the cold air of Minnesota so they can take advantage of some of the latest offerings partially paid for by the taxpayers of the state.

#33 JEWISH MOTHER SWEATER ALERT!!! Both Ice Caps Showing Rapid Growth-Experts Warn of Ice Age (9/8/13) Last month we reported the growing number of scientists warning that the earth was heading toward an ice age (something that made Al Gore very sad). Today’s UK Daily Mail gives more evidence that would have made my mother, of blessed memory issue a major Jewish Mother Sweater Alert because the Arctic Ice cap grew by 60% this past year and more scientists are warning of the coming ice age.

#32 The 12 Dumbest Uses of Scientific Research Dollars in 2012 (12/26/12) Sometimes Truth is funnier than fiction…I saw this list on Live Science and just had to share-The 12 Most DUH Scientific conclusions of the year. Its incredible that people with degrees actually took the time and spent the money for this kind of research (and some of these were funded with federal grant money). Maybe it is so these “experts” can say they know better.  Read the dirty dozen…I added some of my snarky comments.

#31 NY Post Has Proof Census ‘Faked’ 2012 Election Jobs Report (Jack Welch Was Right)(11/19/13) When the jobs report came out the first week of October 2012 reporting a drop from 8.1 to 7.8%, many people thought it was bogus, in fact Jack  Welch believed the report was bogus and it launched a major war between the former GE CEO and Time Warner (Fortune, CNN, Money) who went out of their way to dispute Welch’s claim but went after him personally ran a story detailing “Welch’s record as a job destroyer”

Hope you enjoy…tomorrow we look at #21-30