As the Congress hurdles itself to putting a Health Care legislation on the desk of the the POTUS, American voters are once again telling the Democratic party that they would prefer a different approach to using that money. According the the latest Rasmussen study, 54% rate middle class tax cuts as the priority over more health care spending, 33% prefer spending on heath care.

These findings are identical to ones just before Congress’ August recess and prior to President Obama’s effort to jump start his health care reform initiative with a nationally televised speech to Congress.

Although such an amendment was defeated in a party line vote in the Senate committee, 59% of voters favor putting a provision in the health care plan that would prohibit any new taxes, fees or penalties on families who make less than $250,000 a year.

Only 29% of voters are willing to pay higher taxes so all Americans can be provided with health insurance.

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Fifty-nine percent (59%) are opposed to paying more in taxes to provide universal health care, up five points since May. Twelve percent (12%) aren’t sure.

Rasmussen also reported that most voters feel Obama has abdicated his promise to be a bi-partisan president:

52% of American Voters feel that the President is governing as a Partisan Democrat, only 30% feel that he is Bi-partisan

Most Americans believe that DC Partisanship is going to get worse:

Sixty-five percent (65%) say politics in Washington, D.C., will be more partisan over the next year, the second highest reading of the year and 25 points higher than the expectation in late January. The new number marks a seven-point jump from September, just after the president’s speech, and comes close to matching the 67% finding as Congress began its tempestuous August recess.

Seventy-eight percent (78%) of Republicans and 71% of voters not affiliated with either major party expect more partisanship, a view shared by only half (49%) of Democrats.

Washington continues to ignore the will of American Voters, but at least the people are beginning to “get it.” What is being shoved down our throats is nothing but a partisan attempt to change what America is all about.