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Rasmussen just released its daily tracking poll and Opinion of the President’s performance has hit new a new low

The new states show that 40% of American voters strongly disapprove of Obama’s performance and only 28% strongly approve. This gives Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -12. That’s the lowest rating yet recorded for President Obama .The President’s total approval (48%) is also at its lowest point in his administration’s short history.

Americans like their leaders to be optimistic about the future, Obama has been criticized for using negative rhetoric and that seems to be effecting the confidence of thee country Forty-nine percent (49%) now say that America’s best days have come and gone. Just 38% believe they are still to come. Thirty-four percent  say the country is heading in the right direction which is down from 38% in April and plurality of voters now believe the President views American society as unfair and discriminatory.

Most voters do not believe in the President’s Signature Healthcare push 23% believe health care costs will go down if health care reform is passed. Most (53%) expect prices would rise and 50% expect the quality of care would decline.

With regards to the economy, people are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fifty-four percent  now say interest rates will be higher in a year. That’s a 20-point jump since April-Yikes

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