After dropping down from an 11% lead right after the primary to a 2% deficit a few weeks ago, Nevada  Republican candidate for the US Senate, Sharron Angle has clawed her way back to a tie with Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid as the race heads into its last six weeks. The survey of likely voters in Nevada shows both candidates with 47% of the vote each (5% prefer some other candidate, and two percent are undecided).

This is the first time since the primary that the Rasmussen numbers have reflected an increase in support for Angle from the previous week. When leaners are included in the new totals, Angle attracts 50% of the vote, while Reid picks up 48%. (leaners are those who initially indicate no preference for either of the candidates but answer a follow-up question and say they are leaning towards a particular candidate)

While neither candidate is viewed favorably (Reid’s unfavorable rating is 55%, Angle’s is 56%), many of the other numbers in the poll are positive for Angle.

  • Should Bush Tax Cuts be extended? Yes 59%
  • If the Bush cuts were not extended would they hurt or help the economy? Help 27% Hurt 48%
  • Do you favor or oppose federal law requiring everyone to buy health insurance? Favor 43% Oppose 55%, Strongly favor 25% Strongly oppose 44%
  • Rate the Economy Good or Excellent 6% Fair 27%  Poor 66%
  • Obama’s Job Performance  Approve 45% Disapprove 55%, Strongly approve 24% Strongly disapprove 48%, Approval Index -24

As the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is responsible for pushing through the Obama agenda. Because of his leadership role he cannot disassociate himself from those unfavorable Obama policies that he helped to forge. In the end,  Nevada voters disapproval of the Obama agenda, should help Sharron Angle overcome Harry Reid’s giant campaign cash advantage.