We can finally understand what Candidate Barack Obama meant by Hope and Change, because in nine short months, with the help of his teams in congress,  he has totally destroyed Public Opinion of his Democratic party.

Rasmussen regularly tracks voters opinion on 10 key issues including Health Care, Education, Social Security, Taxes, Economy, Abortion, Immigration, National Security, Iraq and Government Ethics. The latest version of this study shows that for the first time in recent history voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 key electoral issues, and the lead has grown to  double-digit levels in half of them.

  • Most studies show the American People are concerned about the lack of jobs and the increase in the national debt, so its not surprising that Republicans have nearly doubled their lead over Democrats on economic issues to 49% to 35%, after leading by eight points in September.

  • Maybe as a result of the President’s inability to make a decision on Afghanistan, the GOP also holds a 54% to 31% advantage on national security issues and a 50% to 31% lead on the handling of the war in Iraq.

  • Protection of Democratic party scandal-laden Congressmen such as Charlie Rangel and John Murtha may have made the GOP the party they trust more to handle government ethics and corruption, which is now the number one issue amongst voters. Thirty -three percent (33%) trust Republicans more while 29% have more confidence in Democrats. Another 38% are undecided. Last month, the parties were virtually tied on the issue. A recent Rasmussen Reports video report finds that voters are more disappointed lately with Obama’s performance in dealing with corruption in Washington.  Among unaffiliated voters who see ethics as the most important issue, 26% trust the GOP more while 23% trust Democrats more. Most (51%) are not sure which party they trust.
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On the highly contentious issue of health care, voters now give the edge to Republicans 46% to 40%. The parties tied on the issue last month, after Republicans took the lead on it for the first time in August.

Separate polling released today shows 49% of voters nationwide say that passing no health care reform bill this year would be better than passing the plan currently working its way through Congress. Most voters (54%) oppose the health care reform plan proposed by the president and congressional Democrats, but 42% are in favor of it.

  • Studies have shown that Americans are would prefer a tax break rather than a stimulus. This may be reflected by the fact that Republicans are trusted more on taxes by a large 50% to 35% margin.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of voters say cutting the federal budget deficit in half in the next four years should be the Obama administration’s top priority, while 23% say health care reform is most important.

Republicans are down to a seven-point lead on immigration after enjoying a 13-point advantage last month. Recent polling shows that 56% think the policies of the federal government encourage people to enter the United States illegally.

Voters trust Republicans more on Social Security by a 45% to 37% margin, after the GOP trailed Democrats by two points on the issue in the last survey.

The president is proposing a one-time $250 payment to seniors who for the first time in years won’t be getting a cost of living increase in their Social Security checks because inflation’s down. While half of voters support this idea, they are more skeptical when told how much it will cost.

Republicans lead on the issue of education 43% to 38%. Last month Democrats had a five-point lead.

Voters also trust Republicans more on the handling of abortion 47% to 35%.

The GOP advantage over Democrats increased from two points to five in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot. Forty-two percent (42%) would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 37% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent.

Surveys of 1,000 Likely Voters
October 14-15 & 18-19, 2009

Issue Democrats Republicans
Health Care 40% 46%
Education 38% 43%
Social Security 37% 45%
Taxes 35% 50%
Economy 35% 49%
Abortion 35% 47%
Immigration 33% 40%
Nat’l Security 31% 54%
Iraq 31% 50%
Gov’t Ethics 29% 33%

Reading through the numbers it is not as much a vindication of the Republican Party as it is of Conservative principals.  Republicans may find it worthwhile to read those tea leaves and act accordingly.