A new Rasmussen Survey is reporting that Americans are not in favor of health care reform. By a thin three point margin (49-46%) voters do not like the plan put forth by the President and Congress, this is a reversal from the last time the poll was taken two weeks ago when Americans approved of the plan by a 50-45% margin.  Of course in the intervening period voters have new details have come out regarding the plan including the taxes that would be needed to fund it.

The “nays” also continue to have the edge in terms of intensity. While 22% strongly favor the Democrats’ health care reform plan, 38% strongly oppose it, up four points from the previous survey. Among those voters who have health insurance, opposition is even higher: 43% favor the plan, but 52% oppose it. Those who strongly oppose it outnumber those who strongly favor it by two-to-one – 40% to 20%.

The intensity of the opposition is strong, especially in Republican and Independent circles. Sixty percent (60%) of Republicans strongly oppose the plan, up three points from two weeks ago, opposition among independents have risen 12 points over the past two weeks from 39% to 51%.

Just 12% say their own health care coverage will get better if the reform plan is passed. Thirty-nine percent (39%) expect their own coverage to get worse, while 36% say it will stay about the same. Support for the reform plan is likely to turn on whether voters think their own coverage is at risk. The president recently acknowledged that while the plan won’t force Americans to change doctors, such a change might be an unintended consequence of the proposed government-run health insurance plan.

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Americans so far are evenly divided over whether there is a need for a public health insurance plan to compete with private insurers.

They’re similarly divided over the urgency for health care reform: 43% say it should move ahead right now, but 44% say reform should wait until the economy gets better.

Obamacare is just another example of how the Democratic Party/Nanny State is not listening to the People, and its effecting the President in the Polls. Rasmussen is also reporting that Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows only 28% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way the President is handling his duties. Thirty-six percent (36%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of –8.