The good news for Nancy Pelosi is that America doesn’t think everything she and Steny Hoyer said in last week’s Op-Ed was hooey, after all they did believe that her name was really Nancy Pelosi.

Last Monday, the two Democratic Party leaders in the House wrote an op-ed showing the elitism of the party in power. They claimed that those who protest are thought as somehow un-American.

Rasmussen asked voters what they thought of the op-ed and it was not pretty. Not only did voters disagree with the claim that protest was un-American, but they disagreed with almost every other claim the “two amigos” made in their article.

Forty-five percent (45%) of voters nationwide think Pelosi and Hoyer are wrong when they say the passage of health care reform will mean more affordable coverage for all Americans. But 36% share the Democratic Congressional leaders’ view and believe health care will become more affordable if the plan passes. Eighteen percent (18%) are undecided.

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Just 27% of all voters agree with the senior House Democrats that if the health care reform being considered by Congress is passed, it will mean more patient choice. Forty-nine percent (49%) disagree and do not believe more patient choice is likely, and 24% are not sure.

Among voters who have health insurance, the majority (52%) says the plan, if passed, will not mean more patient choice, while 25% say it will. Voters by a three-to-one margin say cost is a bigger health care problem facing the nation than the lack of universal health insurance coverage.

The plurality (45%) of voters nationwide say the congressional leaders are right when they say every American who likes his or her current insurance plan will be able to keep it if the health care plan becomes law. Thirty-six percent (36%) do not believe that’s true. Nearly-one-out-of-five voters (19%) aren’t sure.

Forty-three percent (43%) of already-insured voters say they’ll be able to keep their current plans if the health reform plan passes, but 37% don’t think that’s true.

Republicans are far less likely to believe the comments by Pelosi and Hoyer than Democrats are. On the question of cost, 59% of Democratic voters say passage of the plan will make coverage more affordable for all Americans, although 63% of Republicans and 54% of unaffiliateds think otherwise.

As for the protesters at congressional town hall meetings that Pelosi and Hoyer label as “un-American,” 49% of voters say they are genuinely expressing the views of their neighbors, but 37% say they’ve been put up to it by special interest groups and lobbyists.

 If congress wants to understand why some constituents at the town hall meetings are raising their voices, they should read this poll.  Most of the Democratic politicians, are shoving the same hooey at us that the Pelosi/Hoyer op-ed did. Maybe if instead of making charges and offering empty promises, there could be a read discussion on the key issue.