America Believes in that old adage, “the opposite of pro is con, therefore the opposite of progress is congress. The latest Rasmussen report shows that 53% of America think that congress is doing a poor job, only 4% think that Congress is doing an excellent Job.

How would you rate the way Congress is doing its job?
Excellent 4%
Good 12%
Fair 30%
Poor 53%

Americans now view being a member of Congress as the least respected job one can hold even behind lawyers:

Favorable Ratings for Professions
  Fav Unfav Rating
Small Business Owners 94% 3% +91
People Who Start Own Business 92% 5% +87
Pastors and Religious Leaders 70% 22% +48
Bankers 48% 49% -1
Journalists 43% 54% -11
Lawyers 42% 54% -12
Stockbrokers and Fin Analysts 41% 54% -13
CEO’s 27% 69% -42
Members of Congress 25% 72% -47

The Democrats are not happy and they control of both the House and Senate, 28% of democrats believe that congress is doing a poor job, 49% say they are doing only a fair Job. A majority of Republicans (64%) and unaffiliated voters (72%) give Congress poor ratings.

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Only 19% of all voters say Congress has passed anything that will significantly improve the quality of life in America, down slightly from August. Fifty-nine percent (59%) disagree and say Congress has passed no such legislation

Voters are divided on the likelihood Congress will address the nation’s top issues in the near future. While 49% say the legislature is likely to address the most serious issues facing the nation, 47% disagree. These results show little change since August.

Most voters (51%) worry, that the federal government will do too much in response to the country’s continuing economic problems. Sixty-six percent (66%) of voters nationwide say they’re at least somewhat angry about the current policies of the federal government.

Over half of voters(51%) of voters think Congress is too liberal 22%  say it is too conservative. Only 14% say the ideological balance of Congress is about right.

And my personal favorite 42% of all voters believe that of you picked random people from the phone book and gave them a job as a congressman of senator they would do a better job than the current Congress.  The latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot shows Republicans with a four-point lead over Democrats.

This is not something created by some right winged media. It goes across all parties, people simply think congress is doing a lousy job. Maybe its  time to start listening so they can keep their jobs.