The supposed Reverend and senate candidate Warnock has severe issues.  Based on his statements, Raphael Warner hates more people than he likes. Warnock has pontificated against America, white people, Jews, people who served in the military, law enforcement, and more.  Warnock is everything wrong with the far left.


But that’s just one example.  It’s Warnock who needs to repent— for being such a hater!

How could anyone in Georgia vote for this jerk? He calls himself a Reverend, but all he does is spew hatred–here are just a few examples.

  • Warnock defended anti-Semite and anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright and praised Marxism.
  • Warnock’s mentor called for the “destruction of everything white” and argued white Christians are “satanic.”
  • Warnock signed a letter comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa.
  • Warnock called police officers “gangsters and thugs” and “bullies.”
  • Made the false claim he saw the government of Israel shoot down unarmed Palestinians like birds of prey.
  • Warnock cozied up to Fidel Castro in 1995.
  • Earlier this year, Warnock was accused by his wife of running over her foot with his car after they got into an argument.
  • In 2002, Warnock was accused of hindering a police investigation into child abuse. 
  • Warnock criticized the Second Amendment during sermons.
  • Made the claim that Jesus was a Palestinian, which anyone who has looked at history or theology knows is impossible
  • He insulted our active service military members and veterans by opining that ‘nobody can serve God and the military:’


I don’t get it! How can he be the Ebenezer Baptist Church’s senior pastor, the former congregation of Martin Luther King Jr? How can they accept someone who preaches hatred? The exact opposite of the Reverend King. Someone who spews that much hatred has no business preaching to any church! He is a Reverend in the tradition of Al Sharpton–a bigoted hater.

How can anyone vote for this misanthropic a-hole?  Raphael Warnock has no business running for a political office. Heck, the guy has no business being out in public. How can he serve a public comprised of so many people he hates? He can’t! That’s why I pray that Georgians vote for Kelly Loeffler. Anyone who lives in Georgia and doesn’t vote is supporting Warnock’s hatred as well as the socialist takeover of America.