Rachel Dolezal can self-identify as black, Caitlyn Jenner can self identify as female, President Obama can say he is Jewish, but according to liberal celebrity gossip & entertainment news website Radar, Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley who is a Caucasian of Indian decent cannot self-identify as white.

On Wednesday, Radar regurgitated a four-year-old S.C. Democratic Party charge turned into an AP ‘report” that Ms. Haley was “under fire for lying about being white” because she self-identified as white on her driver’s license and voter ID form:

For generations, people from all over the world have come to America in search of a new life and better opportunities for their children. But for ethnic minorities, becoming an integrated part of the melting pot can be easier said than done. However instead of grappling openly and honestly with the complexities of race, Haley took a shortcut — the prominent Republican, who has led crusades against voter fraud, falsified her voter registration form, claiming that she was a white woman.

Governor Haley was born Nimrata Randhawa in Bamberg County, South Carolina after her parents emigrated from India. However, despite the fact that she is ethnically Indian, she repeatedly lied about her race on government forms, checking the box “white” on her driver’s license and 2001 voter ID form.

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State Democrats have complained that while Haley’s race is not a factor in her ability to serve in office, her deception is. “She can’t even tell the truth about her racial heritage,” South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian said.

Dick Harpootlian did say that, and there was a minor controversy in 2011. In the hit piece Radar links to an AP article which ran in USA Today, July 28, 2011 (see circled area on screen shot below:

Radar complains that Haley is being hypocritical because she is ” led crusades against voter fraud,” an idiotic point because the voter fraud effort is meant to stop people other than the registered person, or people who do not qualify to vote, from entering the voters’ booth.

The controversy about Haley’s race was raised after she signed the voter ID law and actually centered on her voter registration card that was applied via her driver’s license application. At the time the state election committee stated the race selection on the form didn’t have Indian-American as a choice, but the celebrity site could have confused Native American with Indian. The quote below outlining the race choices on the voter form was printed in the Charleston Post and Courier in July 2011:

The state Election Commission gives people the choice of declaring their race as white, black/African-America, Asian, Hispanic, Native American or other, the agency’s spokesman Chris Whitmire said. The commission doesn’t attempt to verify a person’s race, but that data is used by Justice Department to enforce fair voting practices.

If a person checks “other,” he or she is asked to specify.

Whitmire said he knows of no state election law, nor a definition by the state Election Commission, for the term “white.”

Below is Nikki Haley’s 2001 voter registration card.

As any anthropologist they will tell you that a person of Indian decent is considered Caucasian. Therefore given all the choices, Ms. Haley was 100% correct in her Identification.
So what was Radar trying to do? Why would they bring up a four-year-old non-scandal in an attempt to smear Governor Haley? Was it just lazy journalism, or a deliberate hatchet job?  I vote for the hatchet. Progressives are anxious to label people because it makes them easier to control. In this case even though she is a Caucasian, Nikki Haley did not fit Radar Online’s version of “white” because of her dark complexion. Shame on them, that’s racist!