There are but a few cardinal sins within the Democratic Party, and racism is right at the very top of that list—unless of course, your last name is Biden. #RacistHunter

That’s why recently uncovered text messages, sent by Hunter Biden and discovered on a laptop that formerly belonged to him, have shocked the nation on Tuesday afternoon.

Hunter Biden used the n-word multiple times in conversation with his white, $845-per-hour lawyer, his texts messages reveal.

The shocking texts may prove embarrassing for his father President Joe Biden, who just last week gave a speech decrying racism on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre, and has sought to portray racial justice as a top priority for his administration.

The president’s son joked in a January 2019 text to corporate attorney George Mesires about a ‘big penis’, and said to the lawyer: ‘I only love you because you’re black’ and ‘true dat n***a’.

And then…

In another text a month earlier he wrote to the Chicago lawyer saying: ‘how much money do I owe you. Becaause (sic) n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates.’

Mesires replied: ‘That made me snarf my coffee.’

Hunter added: ‘That’s what im saying ni…’, cutting off the racial slur mid-word, then texted a picture to Mesires.

As of this writing, no formal apology has been made by Hunter or the Biden family. Perhaps because his Daddy #JimCrowJoe agrees. President Joe Biden has made racist statements and supported racist people his entire career, and he’s still considered an icon on the left largely. That’s because he was the Vice President of the first Black President.  But then again, he described that first Black POTUS as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.” And Jim Crow Joe praised e praised the “civility” of an arch-segregationist late Mississippi Sen. James O. Eastland. Eastland wasn’t the only segregationist Biden supported, for example, he liked George Wallace also.

Joe Biden told a 1973 crowd at the City Club of Cleveland that the political system in America benefited black people in the South. Really? I wonder what Black people who grew up in the South think of that statement?

When fighting school busing in 1977, Biden claimed

“Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this.”

And people will wonder where hunter learned to say use the “N” word?

Twitter users were quick to pounce:

This is not a good look for Hunter, who has already had plenty of embarrassing moments in the not-so-distant past. Not that the MSM covers the story.

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