First the good news the Dictator-Loving, Racist, Anti-Semitic NYC Councilman Bidding To Be Democratic Party Nominee for NY’s 8th congressional district lost big in yesterday’s primary. Charles Barron who was profiled on this site two weeks ago lost to State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries by a three to one margin.

The margin was not really surprising as Jeffries landed almost every major democratic party endorsement including  the self-absorbed Chuck Schumer, Gov. Cuomo and in a rare lucid moment, former mayor Ed Koch.

Barron did receive two important endorsements; from the man currently representing the district, thirty-year Congressional veteran Edolphus Towns; and from former KKK big whiz, David Duke who said:

“The possible election of [Barron], a dedicated anti-Zionist to the U.S. Congress, has thrown the Zionist-influenced media and the Zio-political establishment in a tizzy,” said Duke, who made an infamous bid for the White House in 1992.

While Duke admitted that he doesn’t agree with Barron on everything, he made sure to note that, “I certainly agree with Barron that Israel is the worst rogue terrorist state on Earth.”

Now here’s the weird news. Even though he received only 25% of the vote vs. 75% for the victor Jeffries, Barron is not giving up.

Addressing his supporters, Barron called for a recount and said he would not be calling Jeffries to congratulate him on the win.

“When we launched this campaign we knew we were going up against … the entire New York Democratic political leadership,” Barron said. “You know you good when you made the governor do a robo call for a primary.”

RECOUNT???? It wasn’t even close! I guess he was upset that non-racists were allowed to vote, or maybe he thinks he is the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:


 As for Jeffries, he was ecstatic over his win

“The political pundits said that this was going to be a close race, but that was before the people had spoken,” Jeffries told his supporters after hearing early results. “The people spoke with one loud voice and that’s why we’re going to Washington.”

Racists like Charles Barron have no place in our government, sadly many such as Maxine Waters and Ron Paul do slip through.