A Quinnipiac University Poll released Monday morning shows that American voters oppose the Iran deal by a  two to one. 57 – 28% margin.  Republicans oppose the deal by a huge 86-3% margin. Independents also oppose the deal by a strong 36%,  55-29% margin with Democrats supporting the deal by a strong 52-32% which may be an indication that the Democratic support for the deal has more to do with the president is from their party than a believe the agreement is good for the country.

By slightly smaller margins voters believe the Iran deal would make the world less safe, again its the Democratic Party serving as the outlier.

Overall American voters disapprove the way President Obama is handling Iran (again driven by the Republicans and Independents. And that 35% approval is the lowest percentage since Quinnipiac started asking the question.

Quinnipiac also asked overall approval questions regarding the president and each party in congress which you can see by clicking here