At about 12 Noon EST, protesters took over the St. Louis Police headquarters saying it was part of their New Year’s resolution is “to take back our justice system, and in doing so reclaiming the promise of our future.” Their plan was to occupy the department for four and a half hours. About 20 people entered the headquarters armed with a self-styled eviction notice and a list of 11 demands.

 But after about 25 minutes after occupying the department, some protestors were maced all protesters were either arrested or dragged outside.

Their list of demands were posted on the window of Police Headquarters:

According to the twitter feed of protester T Jessica the protesters tried to move the police barriers and she was maced

Her last tweet at about 2PM EST was an ominous:

But it turned out fine…just a little well-deserved ass whupping by St Louis’ Finest.