NY State, high tax rate, crumbling infrastructure, a long term pension liability which threatens to turn the state into Detroit sometime in the future, but what did our state senate spend time on earlier this week?

For 44 minutes Tuesday evening, the state Senate was engulfed in a semi-contentious debate.

The issue at hand had nothing to do with state spending, medical marijuana or any of the other hotly debated topics floating around the Capitol these days.

No, the lengthy debate focused on something far more cultured: yogurt.

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44 Minutes? The yogurt debate and vote took 44 minutes. The Safe Act the bill which took away some second amendment rights only took  30 minutes! The Bill that made same-sex marriage legal was passed without debate. I don’t care which side you are on with those issues, but one has to admit it deserves more than yogurt.

The Senate voted 52-to-8 late Tuesday to declare yogurt the official state snack, though it’s unclear whether the state Assembly will follow suit. 

(…)Why yogurt? Why not pretzels, or the potato chip? Not all yogurts are healthy, are they? And of course: What exactly is a snack, anyway?

First of all ice cream kicks the crap out of any of the above. Secondly why the hell are they spending time on debating a state snack? Next thing you know they will spend an hour naming the cockroach the state pest, in actuality the state senate should be named the state pest.

I think it’s self-explanatory,” Ranzenhofer said when asked by Sen. Gustavo Rivera, D-Bronx, for his definition of a snack. “I mean, you have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then you have snacks. That’s the way I would define it, as a snack. And Senator Rivera, knowing how much time that you and I have spent in the lunch room, I think that we both know.”

Rivera wanted to know more.

“So a snack could be anything that is — to understand the definition, a snack is anything that is eaten in between the main meals of the day of breakfast or lunch or dinner?” Rivera asked. “Is that correct?”

Ranzenhofer replied: “When you were giving your example, a snack is something that you eat at other meals, but the snack is the actual product.”

Note this is not a parody, the New York State Senate its really this ridiculous, leading Jon Stewart to trash them on the Daily Show: