One of my guilty pleasures is GretaWire, the newsletter of the Greta Van Susteren show, where else can you read about the latest details of Anna Nicole Smith’s death. Today, though GretaWire was political in tone. She had booked the “Reverend” Al Sharpton on her show. But less than two hours before the show, Van Susteren got a call from Sharpton saying that he had to appear on CNN instead. OBAMA told CNN to put Rev. Al on their network.

Not only is CNN gushing over Obama, it seems that he is running the show:

Is Senator Obama’s Campaign Booking CNN?

I debated whether to tell you this or not…but I did promise behind the scenes information here on GretaWire….so here it is…yesterday at 9:00am I personally booked Reverend Sharpton to appear ON THE RECORD at 10pm eastern to discuss Don Imus. At 8:12pm, less than 2 hours before we were to begin our 10pm news show, I received a call in my office from Reverend Sharpton…he said that Senator Obama’s campaign had called and asked him to appear on CNN at the same time he was due to appear on ON THE RECORD and thus could not make our show at the top. I told him that our first segment was the one he had been booked for almost 12 hours earlier and which we had discussed …he said Senator Obama’s campaign called and wanted him on CNN and that he was sorry. So…here is my question: is Senator Obama’s campaign booking CNN now? Post your comment.. (ps…we had to scramble to book the first segment since we had less than 2 hours and a special thanks to my old colleague Jim Moret ….we owe him…yes, this is YOUR show, too!) …and one other thing…we had more viewers than the competition last night more tha