A prof calling for the murder of Conservatives is a new low. The left pretends to care about rights and ‘harm’ to someone so long as those victims are politically convenient to their cause.

Anyone who doesn’t march lockstep with their agenda doesn’t get the dignity of being considered truly ‘human’ in that sense.

Their reactions when conservative judges are targeted for assassination, when churches and crisis pregnancy centers are destroyed, or when a whole range of bully tactics are brought to bear on people who check some combination of identity boxes are ‘fair game:

Those identity boxes include conservative, white, heterosexual, male, and Christian. The more boxes you check off, the less human value your life has in their eyes.

We are seeing that play out in real life. Rand Paul has been personally attacked on several occasions. At the time of writing, we do not know the condition of the Rand Paul staffer who was clinging to life after being stabbed in the head by an assailant. That Christian school in Nashville? It was a targeted attack by someone who is trans.

Hardly a day goes by when some elected Democrat doesn’t use a pejorative in front of the word ‘Christian’ these days… often cynically pairing it with ‘White’ and ‘Nationalist.’

We are routinely scolded for how violence is being normalized by the Extreme Right, despite a Bernie Bro bringing a list of Republican names to the baseball shooting, Antifa routinely attacking police officers, ICE locations and courthouses, BLM burning down entire city blocks, Jane’s Revenge attacking churches, and so on.

In universities, we see leftwing groups silencing right-of-center speakers, not the other way around. And even in prestigious Ivy-League schools, the heckler’s veto was permitted to shut down right-wing speakers.

But a prof from Michigan’s Wayne State University has taken this further. Department of English prof Steven Shaviro has crafted a social media post that balanced the open praise of the murder of conservative students with just enough weasel words for him to claim he isn’t proposing anyone commit an actual crime.

See for yourself:

He thinks killing a speaker who meets the left’s arbitrary and ever-changing definitions of social acceptability is far more admirable than it is to merely ‘shout them down.’

He claimed the REAL provocateurs in such situations were the evil conservatives who came to schools to rile up angry leftists to ‘discredit them’ by daring to utter things they believe to be true.

The University President has referred this post to law enforcement, and the prof is suspended (with pay) until their investigation runs its course:

“This morning, I was made aware of a social media post by a Wayne State University professor in our Department of English. We have, on many occasions, defended the right of free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but we feel this post far exceeds the bounds of reasonable or protected speech. It is, at best, morally reprehensible and, at worst, criminal.”

Jonathan Turley examined the statements in light of the law — including the obligation of the University to uphold the First Amendment and the careful framing of the words and the example used by the professor, and concluded that — however strongly the University may object to the public statements — a suspension might be the very limit of what the University can do in response to his statements, however outrageous they might be.

(For anyone wondering — the criminal case he referenced happened in 1920s France. Sholem Schwarzbard was a Jew, exiled from Russia, served with the French Foreign Legion in WWI, and returned to Russia as a Socialist and/or Anarchist to participate in the Russian Revolutionary wars. His unit was lost. Fourteen people he knew were killed in a Pogrom in Russia during those revolutions. Years later, Schwarzbard tracked down the man responsible for the Russian Pogrom and shot him in cold blood. There is no honest comparison between his violence and the kind this Prof ‘admires.’)

Biden and his fellow leftists can cry ULTRA-MAGA hysterics all day long, but if they really cared about dealing with violence and division, they should stop making excuses for how many cynically malevolent people their ideology produces.


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