Remember the good old days. You know when the press at least showed a pretense of being fair. The evening news shows today took turns giving a one-sided account (Obama’s side of course) of today’s Bush/Obama battle:

Nets Show Scorn for ‘Two-Pronged Republican Attack on Obama’

By Brent Baker | May 15, 2008 – 20:48 ET
The broadcast network evening news shows took their cues from the Obama campaign Thursday night as all framed their coverage — of President Bush warning in Israel that “some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals” — around angry reaction to Bush’s perceived attack on Barack Obama with CBS and NBC trying to undermine Bush’s argument by contending it contradicts policies of past Republican Presidents and/or Bush administration officials. CBS anchor Katie Couric, referring to Bush and John McCain, cited “a two-pronged Republican attack today on Barack Obama on a key foreign policy matter.” Reporter Chip Reid saw a “Republican barrage” which “began in Jerusalem today where President Bush appeared to be taking aim at Barack Obama.” Reid soon passed along how “Obama, who has said he would meet with leaders of Iran, Syria, and Cuba, noted that Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, and even Reagan also negotiated directly with America’s enemies.” But Mikhail Gorbachev hadn’t promised to nuke Israel. Over on NBC, Brian Williams teased his lead story: “President Bush on the world stage delivers what was widely seen as an attack on Barack Obama.” Williams described it as “today’s political shot heard ’round the world. The concussion was instantaneous. Upon hearing the news, one Democratic Senator used a word we can’t use on this broadcast.” Reporter John Yang called it “the first salvo of this fall’s general election campaign” and, with “THIS IS B******T” on screen, relayed how “Senator Joseph Biden characterized the President’s words with a word we can’t use.” Yang contended Bush’s admonition “would also apply to Mr. Bush’s former Secretary of State” who urged engagement with Hamas. But not a personal sit-down with the President of the United States.
The report above is from Newsbusters, who also showed how ole’ tingle-leg Chris Matthews reacted to the speech: Chris Matthews: Bush Sucker Punched Obama!A video of the President’s Speech is at the bottom of this post Bush Speech Proves ISRAEL NEEDS A LEADER