In 1948, when the British Mandate over Palestine expired, the Jewish People’s Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum to listen to David Ben Gurion read the proclamation approved by the council declaring the establishment of the State of Israel. Within a few hours, the American President ignored the wishes of his State Department and recognized Israel.

In the seventy-five years since that historic day,  the U.S. and Israel have been the closest of allies.

From Harry Truman through Joe Biden, there have so far been 14 Presidents of the United States during Israel’s modern existence. All have been friends of the Jewish State, but some have been stronger allies than others. No matter the strength of the friendship, during the past seventy-five years, Israel and America have had each other’s back.

This E-Book looks individually at each of the 14 presidents and provides a deep look at the seventy-five years of American and Israeli history.

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seventy-five years of American and Israeli