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President Obama does not get it.  This mans ego is so large that he cannot comprehend the the fact that Israelis are suspicious of him because of his anti-Israel foreign policy. In the interview below, he believes that the reason Israelis are suspicious of him was the fact that his middle name is Hussein, essentially saying Israelis are bigots.

The President also believes that part of the Israeli suspicion is his outreach to the Muslim community. Another incorrect claim.  It was not Obama’s out reach to the Muslim community it was HOW he reached out.  His famous Cairo speech was not an outreach to the Muslim world,  as much as it was throwing Israel under the bus. His speech downplayed the role of terrorism, made Hamas look like a rowdy Boys Glee Club, called for the internationalization of Jerusalem, and used the Palestinian party line to describe the Israeli presence not only in the West Bank and Gaza but its VERY existence within the pre-1967 borders.

If that didn’t rouse Israeli suspicion maybe it was his hiring of people like Samantha Power to join his administration. Ms Power once called for the US to invade Israel to force a peace settlement down their throats.

Maybe it was the suspicion comes from the fact that he broke an agreement that President Bush made with Israel. Obama’s demand that Israel not build new housing units within existing communities was a direct break with a negotiated agreement, according to Elliot Abrams the man who negotiated the deal on behalf of the US.

The incident where the President left Prime Minister Netanyahu in a White House conference room while he went off to dinner didn’t exactly inspire confidence in the Israeli citizenry, nor did his reaction to the recent flotilla incident which was so biased, Congressman Mike Pence exclaimed on the House floor “Mr. President, Who’s side are you on?”

The President is very wrong.  Israelis are do not mistrust Obama because they are bigots, they mistrust him because they are not stupid. They see a President who policy is clearly the most Anti-Israel policy since the nation was created in 1948, if that doesn’t rouse suspicion, I am not sure what will.

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