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Today’s New Hampshire town hall was billed as a real one. The President was going to take questions from everyone, both pro and con.

 Asked about the town hall, White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton said today that there will be about 1,800 people in the audience, including members of the general public and those who received tickets through members of Congress.

“New Hampshire is a place where people are really feeling the pinch of healthcare reform, and it’s a place where he can talk specifically about getting real consumer protections in place, like making sure people can get covered if they have a preexisting condition,” Burton said.

“We expect that there will be a vigorous debate, as there have been at plenty of town halls that President Obama has had as president and as candidate, and we look forward to it,” Burton told reporters on Air Force One this afternoon.

What it turned out to be is a staged play (theater of the absurd), Tickets were given to a pre-screened audience

As usual for such events, the White House controlled the distribution of the free tickets to get into the gym at Portsmouth High School. And, per usual, the Secret Service will take care of any unruliness.

They wont have to as the President’s Union goons were armed and ready

The AFL-CIO said today that New Hampshire workers “will respectfully make the case for major health care reform and speak out against the ‘mob rule’ tactics of the opposition.New Hampshire workers desperately need major health care reform and we will not let our voices be silenced by the corporate funded mobs on the other side,” state AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie said in a statement.

Today Arlen Specter had a Town Hall, he faced people who cited section, page and paragraph of the house bill when they asked questions.  Whether you think he did a good job answering those concerns or not (I vote not), at least he stood there like a man and faced the questions. 

Unlike Specter, the President does not have the guts to stand there and answer our real questions. He just doesn’t care what America thinks.

BREAKING UPDATE, Gateway Pundit is reporting one of the President’s SEIU goons beat up one of the Tea Party Protesters CLICK HERE FOR STORY

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