This post originally appeared on this site ten months ago. At the time I was called a conspiracy theorist. With all the latest news about the IRS targeting conservatives…this story is much more relevant and we can throw the conspiracy theorist bunk out the window… so I am re-posting below:

Do you believe in coincidences? On April 20th, Idaho businessman Frank VanderSloot found out he was on the Obama campaign “enemies list.”  Specifically he found himself listed on an Obama campaign website accusing him of being among eight wealthy individuals with less than reputable records. 

VanderSloot, CEO of Melaleuca, an Idaho-based health and househould products company, has a rags-to-riches story that is a prototypical example of the American Dream. But he has a “dark side,” at least according to the campaign to reelect the president (CREEP). He serves as co-chair on Mitt Romney’s national finance committee and is among the GOP nominee’s top donors, including  $1 million contribution to the pro-Romney super-PAC, Restore Our Future.

When originally singled out, VanderSloot fought back, he spoke publicly about how such a list went against the grain of the freedom of expression outlined by the Constitution. Yesterday we learned that he is being punished by the Obama administration (unless you believe in coincidences). VanderSloot is now the target of two federal audits, one by the IRS the other by the Department of Labor.

One of the charges made against VanderSloot was that he is anti-Gay, to which he responds.

“I have many gay friends whom I love and respect. And I believe they love and respect me. I am very close to some of these very good people. Our company has thousands of gay customers, independent marketing executives, and employees. I believe they feel welcome and valued. I believe that people deserve freedom, respect, and privacy in their own lives. I believe that gay people should have the same freedoms and rights as any other individual.

Among other false rumors, the idea that Melaleuca outed Peter Zuckerman is absolutely false. I believe if someone were gay and did not want to disclose that, they should absolutely have the right to their own privacy. If anyone were to “out” a gay person against his or her will, I think that would be an extremely hurtful and wrong action. But, in the case of Peter Zuckerman, that is hardly what happened. For whatever reason, Peter had erred in his articles about the Boy Scouts by unfairly inferring that several innocent people were responsible for unknowingly aiding and abetting a pedophile. The people who knew the facts knew that the articles were inaccurate and sensationalized. (See what Melaleuca really said about Peter Zuckerman.)

In an interview with on Tuesday the Idaho businessman , said he received the initial audit notice from the IRS last month. Two weeks later the Labor Department sent a notice saying the agency would be looking into records related to foreign employees working at his Idaho Falls cattle ranch.

Was this double whammy because of his business practices or because he gave money to super PAC “Restore of Future,” and stood up to CREEP when they put him and seven other successful individuals on their list.

“It seems coincidental, but who knows,” VanderSloot told Tuesday. “The problem is the president made the list, and 61 days later I get the first letter. One has to ask: Is the fact I’m being shot at the result of having a target on my back? … Was the list made with that intent?”

VanderSloot expected some scrutiny, considering he is a co-chairman on the Romney campaign, and years of contributing to state and national races had already exposed him to the rough-and-tumble world of politics.

“I had never heard anybody say that,” said VanderSloot, who speculated the anti-gay claim is largely the result of him about 13 years ago opposing the film “It’s Elementary — Talking about Gay Issues in School” airing on public TV because it was not suitable for viewing by young children.

“Ninety percent of my gay friends agreed,” he said.

 Ironically back in May when the businessman appeared on “The Factor,” he joked.

“Am I going to get a call from the FDA … or the IRS?” he said Tuesday, echoing his comments from the show.

 VanderSloot doesn’t think President Obama directly ordered the audits, saying that with the publication of the so-called “enemy list” he became a target.

“I doubt he said, ‘Let’s get these guys,’ ” VanderSloot said.

VanderSloot also said the scrutiny has only strengthened his commitment to stay engaged in the political system.“I am not going to stay away,” he said. “This has given me even more resolve that we need a new president.”

Forty years ago a president was brought down precisely because of actions like this. His reelection campaign started with enemies lists and audits, then graduated to breaking and entering, and obstruction of Justice.

While it is entirely possible that the actions against VanderSloot are totally coincidental to his objections to the enemies list back in April, it smells to high heaven. This is president/administration that has shown it would do anything to get reelected; lie, share state secrets of our allies—anything. If they will share military intelligence, what makes on think that they wont try and intimidate a big Romney donor via audits.

While nothing can be proven, this seems like another example of just how low this President and his CREEP will go (and how much America needs a change at the top).