Portland federal courthouse under attack

The Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon, came under Antifa attack again beginning on March 11th, shortly after the protective barriers were removed. The city forced the removal of the barriers so that Portland could “return to normal.” This won’t happen any time soon as Antifa once again attempted to set fire to the building…while people were inside. Hint: the barriers are back up. The  Mark Hatfield federal courthouse was the site of over 120 consecutive nights of rioting by BLM and Antifa last summer.

Portland federal courthouse under attack

Screenshot of the Mark O Hatfield building as Antifa started fires

The Post Millennial reported the Antifa goons also attempted yet again to break into the Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and other businesses in the area. One lone Security Guard at the bank-backed the rioters off with his gun.

A PEEEAAACCEEFUL demonstration at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse? Not!

During the summer the MSM consistently called such attacks “peaceful protests.” Despite the loss of life, millions in damages, as well as constant law enforcement and civilian injuries. They and the deranged Democrats continue to call the January 6th DC riot an “insurrection.” So what was this – the expressed purpose of all of Antifa’s actions is the overthrow of the government. THAT’s insurrection.

So far the MSM has ignored the latest Antifa act of terror. But as usual, reporter Andy Ngo was on the scene to inform America:

The Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse was the epicenter of numerous attacks for four straight months.

Another attack followed the next day.  This time, the police used a tactic called “kettling” to corral Antifa members and make their arrests.  Kettling is a police tactic of surrounding a crowd and containing all the people within a perimeter.   Of course, Antifa began whining about police, calling the action illegal and telling police they couldn’t use munitions “banned by the Geneva Convention.” The only way any of their rights were violated is if there is a constitutional right to breaking windows and burning a courthouse down.

The attacks on the Mark O. Hatfield courthouse are only a symptom of a city government that has lost its mind. No one outside the Portland city government is surprised that Antifa attacked again as soon as the barriers were removed. And it’s not over Antifa and friends have promised there’s more coming.

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Portland federal courthouse under attack