poor people can save money

The Biden Administration is constantly showing just how out of touch they are with average Americans struggling with inflation. Secretary Granholm goes next level.

Leftists everywhere are committed to a new Green Utopia, and they don’t seem to give a damn how many people their “great reset” hurts people in the here and now.

Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda hinges on reducing fossil fuel use in the United States and buying solar panels and wind turbines made in…*checks notes*… China.

The Biden-Harris administration seems oblivious that if people are struggling to put food on the table and keep their gas tanks full, they don’t have tens of thousands extra to “invest” in green initiatives like electric vehicles and solar panels.

Earlier this year, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made headlines when he said that The Poors should just spend the $50k on an EV so that they didn’t have to deal with that $5/gallon gas.

Buttigieg Suggests That People Worried About Gas Prices Should Buy An Electric Vehicle (VIDEO)

But don’t worry… they’re offering a $7500 tax credit on select American-made models that will help make those higher-priced electric vehicles (that qualify) much more affordable.

Ah, yes. That’ll totally solve the problem, right?

poor people can save money

Oh, well. But that’s just EVs. The Biden administration has other solutions for people to “save money.” But, according to the Biden admin, it takes money to save money.

On Fox News Sunday, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was touting the “incentives” in the Inflation
Reduction Exacerbation Act. When she was asked by host Trace Gallagher what she’d say to families that can’t afford to make the upgrades in the first place, her response is telling.


The motto of the Biden administration:

poor people can save money

Granholm is so out of touch.

“Let them get solar panels,” says Secretary Granholm in a weak imitation of Marie Antoinette.

poor people can save money

She says that low-income homeowners don’t have to pay for anything — does that include the labor to install these new Green Wonders?

What about renters? They can’t simply decide to upgrade the home they’re living in.

How about those in apartment buildings or high-rise condos? Just tons of opportunities for solar panels and EV chargers for those buildings, right?

But if you’ve got a moderate income — whatever that means — no problemo. She says you can get 30% off the cost, and it can be financed so you don’t have to pay for it all up-front. (She doesn’t mention that the financing will include interest on the tens of thousands borrowed.)

While Granholm insists that the point of the Green New Deal, which has been billed as the Inflation Reduction Act, is to create “a U.S.-based energy ecosystem,” the solar panels are still made in China.

At least we know that the Biden Administration is committed to organic with all the manure that Granholm was spreading in just a brief segment.

You can watch the whole interview here.

Conservatives on Twitter mocked Granholm’s channeling of Marie Antoinette.



Jesse Kelly had perhaps the most relevant take…

Yeah, seems like that’s what’s going on here

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poor people can save money